Seniors seeking surgeons

Seniors seeking surgeons
Seniors seeking surgeons

How far would you go to snag your dream job? For some older adults, the answer is under the knife, as a rising number of people over the age of 50 have flocked to surgeons in order to stay competitive in the workplace.

According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, job candidates have started to undergo procedures to help them capture the youthful glow more frequently seen in younger job seekers. Driven by the fear that their appearances may cause hiring managers to pass them over for a position, these individuals have sought cosmetic assistance.

Surgery may help older adults get jobs
Hiring individuals who have been on the job market for a number of years can lead to a wealth of benefits, according to a survey conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management. These candidates can bring expansive real-world and workplace knowledge, may have stronger work ethics and are usually more reliable, the results showed. However, some of these older citizens fear that recruiters may pass them over solely based on their wrinkles and aged appearance, one woman told the news source.

"I look at this competition, I have to sell myself to potential employers," the 55-year-old said to the source. "If I'm looking old and haggard, that's going to be a minus. People my age aren't getting hired, they're getting buyouts or getting laid off." 

To make herself look younger, the woman plans to have both a rhinoplasty and a procedure to help combat the dark circles under her eyes. One Pennsylvania-based plastic surgeon said his office has seen an influx in the number of older job seekers, especially within the past five years. He told the source that people over the age of 50 typically come in for two reasons pertaining to employment: either they are fearful that employers will let them go because of their looks, or they are looking for a job and don't want to be held back by preconceived notions regarding their appearance.

"It's not fair," the surgeon explained. "Qualifications and experience should land you the job. But whether people do it consciously or unconsciously, employers are taking other things into account, other qualifications."

Older celebrities who have received plastic surgery
Ageism is an issue in all professions, from sales jobs to entertainment. Occupations that frequently place older adults under the public eye can be stressful, especially for those whose professions are contingent upon their looks. Because of this, a number of older celebrities have undergone surgeries to help capture their beauty, from Joan Rivers to Goldie Hawn.

Kim Novak, the 81-year-old actress who starred in "Vertigo," recently received a lot of media attention following her appearance at the 86th Academy Awards. According to the Washington Post, Twitter users immediately flocked to the site after seeing her face, divided amongst those who thought the actress had gone too far and those who thought she looked great for being in her 80s.