The Aesthetic Society Communications Office
36 West 44th. St., Suite 1205
New York, NY 10036
Tel: 212.921.0500
Fax: 212.921.0011

Key Staff Contacts:
Leigh Hope Fountain, Director, External Communications

The Aesthetic Society Central Office
11262 Monarch Street
Garden Grove, CA 92841
Tel: 1.800.364.2147 or 562.799.2356
Fax: 562.799.1098

Key Staff Contacts:
Sue M. Dykema, CAE, Executive Director
John O'Leary, Senior Director of Marketing and Public Education
Kevin Charles, Director of Web Strategy and Development
Diana Guerrero, Senior Director of Finance and Human Resources
Debi Toombs, Senior Director of Education
Jackie S. Nunn, Director of Corporate Relations
Kathleen McClemmy, Director of Meetings
Hunter Alexander, RADAR Resource
Marissa Simpson, Membership Manager

ASJ Editorial Office
C/o American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
3200 Downwood Circle, Suite 640
Atlanta, GA 30327
Tel: 562.799.2356 ext. 302

Key Staff Contacts:
Phaedra Cress, Executive Editor

Customer Service Information
Oxford University Press
198 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016 USA
Phone: 1-800-445-9714
Fax: 1-919-677-1303