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Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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Now that people have the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives, its only natural to want to look as good as possible. Plastic surgery today presents many options for looking your personal best.

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My practice is limited to cosmetic surgery and breast surgery. I provide personal physician care, technical expertise, and a wonderful staff including our skin care specialist.

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"Ask a Question" Responses

Can adhesions & scar tissue resulting from 3 c-sections be removed during surgery?

I'm am considering abdominoplasty. My question is related to any adhesions as well as scar tissue that have formed since my 3rd c-section. Would the...

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) can be excellent for removing prior C-section scars, and other pregnancy related changes of the abdomen. C-section scars...

Can you recommend natural looking implants?

Hello, I am a very physically active female and I'd like to know what type of breast implants would be best so that I still look very natural. Also...

You sound like you could be an excellent candidate for breast augmentation because of your fitness and desire for natural breast appearance. I would...

Do I qualify for a breast reduction and will my insurance cover the procedure?

I'm 20 years and my bra size is DDD cup. There are a few health issues that are starting to concern me: 1) shortness of breath 2) my breasts become...

Women with the symptoms you describe certainly can benefit from breast reduction surgery. Even if your insurance company declines, you might...

Can I have my implants removed?

I have had a couple different breast implants replaced due to deflation. I would like to just get them removed. They were placed over my muscle and...

The ASAPS website can give you a listing of board-certified plastic surgeons experienced in aesthetic surgery in your area. It is unfortunate that...

Would insurance likely pay for a breast reduction?

With a weight of 160 and height of 5'7" and a bra size of 34G, would insurance likely pay?

Probably. In our area, most insurance companies will pay (after a prior approval process) when women have long term symptoms of back, neck and...

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Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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