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Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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Now that people have the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives, its only natural to want to look as good as possible. Plastic surgery today presents many options for looking your personal best.

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My practice is limited to cosmetic surgery and breast surgery. I provide personal physician care, technical expertise, and a wonderful staff including our skin care specialist.

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Will wearing a corset/spanx help skin tightening during weight loss?

After liposuction people wear shape wear corsets to help skin tightening. Does it work while losing weight too?

I don't know whether such garments would help much during weight loss. As you mentioned, they are used after liposuction, but not primarily for...

Mini facelift for a 38 year old?

I am 38 years old and experiencing descent of the cheek pad area which has in turn resulted in a droop of the Nasolabial region, giving a tired and...

You may be correct that Mini Facelift is the solution since it addresses cheek descent (skin, fat and fibrous support), jowling, mouth commissure...

How do I know which incision is correct for me?

I have lost 140 lbs. and currently weigh 155 lbs. (5'6). I have been discussing removal of excess skin (tummy tuck) and a breast lift and...

It sounds like you have done your research before visiting respected qualified plastic surgeons. Now you have a lot of excellent information, but a...

Are fillers okay to get if you already have a mid face implant?

I have mid face implants and a doctor said it was okay to get Juvederm along with them. Is this true? Thank you!

It would be okay to have Juvederm placed after completely healing from cheek / midface implant surgery. In fact, injectable Hyaluronic Acid Fillers...

Should I get fat graft breast augmentation or implants?

My natural breasts were a small A cup. I had large saline implants over the muscle when I was 23 years old. It was a bad look, visible with...

In the last few years, fat graft to the breast has become more widely accepted. Generally it does not provide sufficient volume to give results...

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