Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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Now that people have the opportunity to live longer, healthier lives, its only natural to want to look as good as possible. Plastic surgery today presents many options for looking your personal best.

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My practice is limited to cosmetic surgery and breast surgery. I provide personal physician care, technical expertise, and a wonderful staff including our skin care specialist.

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"Ask a Question" Responses

What method is best to use for replacing my implants?

I had saline implants done in 1996. Placement was done through the armpits and they were placed under the muscle. I am starting to have puckering on...

Replacement of your 18 year old implants is a reasonable consideration. The puckering you mention could indicate that something different than...

Suggestions for swelling under my eyes?

I had an injection near my eyes to lift and fill in the hollow area. However, it gave me brown bags under my eyes. My Dr. has lasered it twice. It...

I can imagine that you are frustrated, but it is difficult to assess without an in-person evaluation. If your plastic surgeon has tried a few things...

How can I achieve a natural look from a breast revision?

I had saline breast implants with a lift for 14 years and then I had them removed. They were under the muscle. I am considering having implants put...

Your situation is more challenging than treatment of a patient who has not had multiple prior procedures. Seek a surgeon who is experienced with...

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Sutton L. Graham II, MD, FACS

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