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About the Practice

Practice Philosophy

As “Your Source for Non-Invasive Aesthetics and Aesthetic Surgery,” our philosophy is simple – we’re in the self-confidence business and we believe that the finest plastic surgery is imperceptible.  The Aesthetic Center is an ultra high-end, concierge type practice, where we believe in a “less is more” philosophy and no effort is spared to provide our patients with the very best in all aspects of their care.  Just as the skilled artist conveys their message with the fewest, most carefully chosen brush strokes, we strive to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals with the fewest, least invasive, safest, most predictable and least costly techniques.

Unlike some practices that essentially offer only surgery, our first approach is almost always non-surgical.  This is because today’s technology allows non-surgical approaches to many aesthetic problems and also because our patients prefer to look natural and “non-surgical.’   In most instances this is accompanied by a quicker and easier recovery, less need for anesthesia, lower cost, less risk and less scarring.  This requires a sizable ongoing investment in the latest technology – and we’ve done that with the recent additions of FaceTite™ and BodyTite™ from In Mode and Halo™ from Sciton.  What sets us apart is that when it’s time for the surgical approach you’ve got the skill and experience of a Cornell educated and trained board certified plastic surgeon with over 35 years of surgical experience.  This minimalist philosophy carries over into our surgical approach as well where our preference is for the most predictable, least complex and safest surgical procedures designed to minimize your recovery.

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Practice Specialization

The Aesthetic Center is focused on five areas of aesthetics and aesthetic surgery – facial rejuvenation (including surgery of the forehead and eyelids as well as laser resurfacing), body contouring, surgery of the breast and non-surgical solutions and feminine rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvenation:

Dr. O’Connell specializes in minimally invasive facial rejuvenation and he has been featured on television performing a short-scar facelift and also was chosen to perform an upper blepharoplasty under local anesthesia on the CBS Early Show.   His recent publication outlining his facelift techniques was the lead article in the August, 2015 issue of the prestigious Aesthetic Surgery Journal.  Dr. O’Connell was also one of the originators of the “no touch” technique of lower lid blepharoplasty utilizing laser resurfacing – a technique that is more popular than ever in our practice today.

The “Four R’s” - Dr. O’Connell currently believes in the “Four R” approach to facial rejuvenation and we are pleased to offer both surgical and minimally/non-invasive approaches in these four areas.

  • Reposition– we offer the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques including FaceTite™ and Silhouette Instalift™ to reposition tissue that has been affected by the aging process.
  • Relax– we offer advanced techniques with neuromuscular relaxers like Botox® and Dysport® and all injections are personally performed by Dr. O’Connell.
  • Refill – as a master injector, Dr. O’Connell uses the latest fillers (including fat and PRP) for tissue augmentation.
  • Resurface – we were early adaptors of laser resurfacing in the ‘90s and today resurfacing is an integral part of our practice.  We begin with medical grade skin care and usually follow with BBL™ intense pulsed light.  We’re a proud Sciton practice and we offer the revolutionary Halo™ hybrid laser as well as ProFractional and full field resurfacing.   Resurfacing is an integral part of our approach to lower eyelid and perioral rejuvenation.

Body Contouring:

Dr. O’Connell was the first plastic surgeon in Connecticut to incorporate ultrasonic liposuction into his practice and he has served as a Visiting Professor on this topic.   In his most recent article, published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, his technique for drainless abdominoplasty without need for permanent suture material is outlined.   This is known as BAND Abdominoplasty and it’s Dr. O’Connell’s preferred technique at this time.

The “Body Ladder” Approach - With the advent of minimally and non-invasive approaches to body contouring, Dr. O’Connell has developed the “Body Ladder” concept and this is incorporated into our evaluation and planning for every body contouring patient.

  • Level 0 – diet and exercise
  • Level I – CoolSculpting®.  The Aesthetic Center is a Crystal Preferred facility and we’re one of the leading providers in the Northeast.  We offer CoolSculpting Plus with the Zimmer ZWave machine at no additional charge.
  • Level II – BodyTite™ – the revolutionary, FDA approved radiofrequency technology from In Mode Aesthetics that offers fat removal plus up to 45% skin shrinkage without need for sedation or general anesthesia.  BodyTite™ has been a significant advance in the area of arm contouring and can be used in many areas of the body.
  • Level III – Liposuction, including ultrasonic liposuction – Dr. O’Connell was an active member of the Liposuction Society of North America.
  • Level IV – Surgical Correction – With over 35 years of surgical experience and thousands of procedures, Dr. O’Connell is your go-to resource for tummy-tucks and other body contouring procedures.

Aesthetic Breast Surgery:

Breast Reduction: We understand the difficulties that breast enlargement can create and Dr. O’Connell has published two articles on the subject of breast reduction.  We’ll help you navigate the difficult process of insurance coverage.  When it comes to breast reduction, training and experience matter and Dr. O’Connell has been performing this procedure for over 30 years.

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation has been part of our practice for three decades.  We’re excited about the new Ideal Implant that offers the safety of saline with the look and feel of gel.  Dr. O’Connell is known as a resource for difficult breast problems including secondary breast surgery for malposition, capsular contracture and other challenging problems.

Breast Lifting:  We believe that when it comes to breast aesthetics, it’s not just about size but rather it’s about shape.   We offer mastopexy, both with and without implants, and we strive to minimize scarring whenever possible.  We’re also pleased to offer non-surgical breast lifting with BodyTite™ as an office-based, outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Feminine Rejuvenation:

Labiaplasty: Dr. O’Connell is at the forefront of the latest techniques of labiaplasty and, in most cases, he is able to perform reduction of the labia minora under local anesthesia.  Because the technique is almost invariably performed in our nationally accredited, office based outpatient surgical facility we are able to perform labiaplasty at significantly lower cost than other providers.

ThermiVa™ and PRP:  The Aesthetic Center was an early adapter of ThermiVa™ and we offer PRP for sexual enhancement/rejuvenation, hair regeneration and in facial aesthetics.   ThermiVa™ is performed by a female registered nurse with OB-GYN experience in a spa like setting.

Additional Information

In facial rejuvenation we strive for a rested, natural, harmonious, non-surgical look and ancillary procedures such as Botox®, injectible fillers, laser resurfacing and skin care are carefully integrated into a rejuvenation plan that is custom designed for each patient. Breast augmentation patients are encouraged to “try-on” implants for size and Dr. O’Connell believes that the aesthetics of breast shape is equally important to the aesthetics of breast size. In body contouring we strive to recommend the simplest, least invasive procedure that can achieve your aesthetic goals. Dr. O’Connell utilizes ultrasonic liposuction and traditional liposuction as well as abdominoplasty, including mini-abdominoplasties, to optimize the aesthetic results for his body contouring patients.

It’s important for our patients to understand that all surgery, including aesthetic surgery, involves some uncertainty and risk. While we strive for perfection, this can never be achieved and, like all honest physicians, Dr. O’Connell cannot provide any guarantee, explicit or implied, as to the result or outcome of a surgical or other aesthetic procedure. What he can guarantee, however, is that he will do his very best. Dr. O’Connell will listen to your concerns and with the meticulous attention to detail he provides to each and every one of his patients he will do all he can to help you look your very best.

Consultations are by appointment only and are arranged by calling our office at (203) 454-0044.

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Background & Certification

Board Certification

The American Board of Surgery – 1987
The American Board of Plastic Surgery – 1992
The National Board of Medical Examiners – 1982

Professional Background

Undergraduate Degree: The University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. - 1977.
Phi Beta Kapa
Medical School: Cornell University Medical College – 1981
Internship: St. Francis Hospital/University of Connecticut
General Surgery Residency: St. Vincent’s Medical Center
Plastic Surgery Residency: The New York Hospital/Cornell Medical Center

Teaching Appointments

Dr. O’Connell served as Chief of the Division of Plastic Surgery at a major Yale affiliate teaching hospital for seven years. He currently is a Senior Attending Surgeon in the Yale system with privileges at the Bridgeport Hospital campus as well as at the Yale Surgicenter in Trumbull, CT. 

Publications and Presentations

Dr. O’Connell has published numerous articles in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery and he has served on the Editorial Board of two medical journals.

Some of Dr. O’Connell’s Publications Include:

O’Connell, J.B., Management of Head Injury with Lower Extremity Trauma. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 82: 195, 1988.

O’Connell, J.B., Chaglassian, T., Use of Transillumination in Tissue Expansion. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 83: 575, 1989.

O’Connell, J.B., Breast Implants, The FDA and Trial Lawyers. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 90: 342, 1992.

O’Connell, J.B., EMLA® Cream in Dermabrasion. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 93: 1310, 1994.

Pu, L.L.Q., O’Connell, J.B., et. al., Closure of infected sternal wounds with a unilateral rectus abdominis muscle flap in addition to bilateral pectoralis major myocutaneous advancement flaps. Eur. J. Plast. Surg. 22:313, 1999.

O’Connell, J.B., A Simple technique for planning breast reduction with normal nipple position. Eur. J. of Plast. Surg. 24: 315-318, 2001.

O’Connell, J.B., An Extended Minilift for the New Millinium – The “Babyboomer Facelift.” Aesth. Dermatol. & Cosmetic Surg. 1:3 ; 179, 1999.

O’Connell, J.B., Periorbital Rejuvenation with Transconjunctival Blepharoplasty, “Pinch” Skin Excision and Erbium Laser Resurfacing. Aesth. Dermatol. & Cosmetic Surgery. 1:4; 241, 2000.

O’Connell, J.B., Periorbital Rejuvenation with Modulated Laser Resurfacing. Int. J. Cosmetic Surg. & Aesth. Dermatol. 4:1; 33, 2002.

O’Connell, J.B., Refinements of the minimal incision rhytidectomy. Eur. J of Plast. Surg. 26:6; 312-318, 2003.

O’Connell, J.B., Bariplastic Surgery. Plast. Reconstr. Surg. 113:1530, 2004.

O’Connell, J.B., Rhytidectomy Utilizing Bidirectional Self-Retaining Sutures: The Bidirectional Lift and the Extended Bidirectional Lift. Aesth. Surg. J. 35:6; 633-643, 2015.

O’Connell, J.B., The Bidirectional, Absorbable, No-Drain Abdominoplasty. Aesth. Plast. Surg. 42:1; 23-31, 2018.

Awards & Honors

  • ASAPS Certificate of Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery – 2002.
  • Castle Connolly Metro New York “Top Doctor” for 16 consecutive years since 2001.
  • Connecticut Magazine Top Doctor 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • Connecticut Law Tribune – one of “The Best” – 2006.
  • Consumers’ Research Council of America
    • America’s Top Plastic Surgeons 2012. 2015, 2016.
    • America’s Top Surgeons – 2010.
  • American Institute of Plastic Surgeons
    • “10 Best” Plastic Surgeons – Connecticut – 2015
    • “10 Best” Patient Satisfaction 2017.
  • Board Examiner – American Board of Plastic Surgery.  2003-2013
  • Former Official Spokesperson for both The American Society of Plastic Surgery and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Affiliations & Memberships

Hospital Affiliations

Yale New Haven Health – Bridgeport Hospital 
Senior Attending Surgeon
Chief Division Plastic Surgery – 1995-2002

Society Memberships

  • The American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • The Connecticut Society of Plastic Surgeons – Board Member
  • The Connecticut State Medical Society
  • The Fairfield County Medical Association
  • The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, Inc.
    • Our surgical facility has been continuously accredited by the AAAASF since 2003.
    • Facility Inspector, including Medicare Certification – 2008.
    • Member Education committee - 2004-2008
    • Vice Chair – Legislative Committee - 2004
    • Vice Chair – Accreditation Committee - 2005

Former Memberships:

  • The International Society for Clinical Plastic Surgeons
  • The American College of Surgeons 1994-2014
  • The Lipoplasty Society of North America
  • The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
  • The Greater Bridgeport Medical Association
    • President Elect 1995

Your Consultation

At The Aesthetic Center approximately forty-five minutes to one hour is allocated for a consultation and many patients are seen a second time prior to treatment. For patients considering secondary procedures we ask that they bring as many records along as possible including the breast implant “wallet card” if available. All consultations are one-on-one with Dr. O’Connell and ample time is allotted for questions and photo review. There is no charge for a second visit and consultations for Botox®, fillers, FaceTite™ and BodyTite™ are complimentary. Weekend consultations can be arranged by special request.

At the time of your visit your medical and prior treatment histories will be thoroughly reviewed and we are pleased to work with your other physicians (with your permission) to coordinate your care. Dr. O’Connell believes that a consultation should be an educational process and we use TouchMD along with written materials and photographs to help you understand your anatomy, the aging process and your treatment options.

After reviewing your aesthetic goals and performing a careful examination we will discuss in great detail the various options – both surgical and non-surgical, along with their potential benefits, risks and costs. In many cases we formulate two individualized plans – one that incorporates surgical correction and a second minimally or non-invasive plan where surgery is removed from consideration. We understand how difficult it is for our patients to miss time from their professional and social schedules and to be away from the public eye. Our preference is for techniques that are less complex, less invasive, more predictable, lower cost and with shorter, easier recoveries. We’ll also review how to keep looking great for years to come with “maintenance” type procedures like Botox, fillers, intense pulsed light, lasers, and other high-tech solutions. We offer laser hair removal, SilkPeel Dermalinfusion, ThermiSmoothFace and intense pulsed light in a soothing, spa like setting.

Staff & Facilities

Surgical Facility

The Aesthetic Center includes an on-site, outpatient surgical facility accredited by the AAAASF to their highest level (Level C).  Anesthesia and sedation, when necessary, are administered only by board certified anesthesiologists.   We have the ability to incorporate minimally invasive procedures like laser resurfacing and BodyTite™/FaceTite™ into our surgical planning.  Discrete off-street parking, an entrance hidden from public view and a limousine entrance/discharge area are available.  Every effort is made to insure that your visit is a memorable aesthetic experience in the safest and most luxurious of settings.  Photos of our facility are posted at

No matter how comfortable and beautiful the environment, it’s our dedicated and knowledgeable team of nurses and personnel who make your visit truly exceptional.

Computer Imaging

Dr. O’Connell was an early adapter of computer imaging in 1993 and the Mirror Image system from Canfield is currently available at The Aesthetic Center. Computerized complexion analysis with Visia® is also available at no additional charge.

Skin Care Products

Since 2014 we have offered medical skin care from ZO® Skin Health developed by the legendary Dr. Zein Obagi. Dr. O’Connell apprenticed with Dr. Obagi in 2014 at his Beverly Hills headquarters. We also offer Retin-A in various forms, Silagen® Scar Therapy and PRP. We are pleased to offer the ZO® 3-Step Peel – a rejuvenating and restoring medical grade peel to improve color, tone, texture and smoothness.

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