Helen S Colen MD, FACS

New York, NY, US
Helen S Colen MD, FACS

About the Practice

Practice Philosophy

I have been practicing aesthetic plastic surgery for 25 years. I listen carefully to the patient's request, I study his/her body language, I learn about his/her lifestyle, goals and wishes. I learn as much as I can about the patient's body image. I never suggest to "fix" any area unless the patient inquires about it. I advise about the best procedure to achieve the best final look. I like when my patients look natural and the operated area totally fits the rest of their body. I spend 45 minutes on the initial consultation and another 30 minutes on subsequent consultation before I perform the surgery requested. I believe that doctors have different aesthetic sense and a doctor and his/her patient should agree on the aesthetic issues and pretty much be on the same aesthetic wavelength. If this does not happen even a well performed surgery would not satisfy the patient. All people have some imperfections. Two sides of body are never completely the same. Therefore, some imperfections should be present after surgery. Otherwise the patient may look operated on. I inform my patients thoroughly about the procedure, possible complications and the course of recovery. My patients are very well "informed" require very few pain medicines as they have a low level of anxiety. I like to work with the same good anesthesiologist who is familiar with my ways and we, therefore, work as a team making the operation experience safe and pleasant. I like my patients and I get enormous satisfaction from a result which makes my patients happy. I believe that a doctor should operate on patients he or she likes and thus the doctor-patient relationship is a good one based on understanding of the goals, and maintaining good communication. The practice of aesthetic plastic surgery is phenomenally rewarding both in achieving great aesthetic results and meeting many diverse and interesting people. Plastic surgery is creative, challenging and fun - I cannot imagine being happier doing anything else.

Practice Specialization

Aesthetic breast surgery -including reductions, augmentations, lifts and combination of augmentation and lift. Correction of congenital breast deformities or congenital absence of breast or breast reconstruction after breast loss due to cancer. correction of nipple deformities like inverted nipples,nipple reductions, and nipple reconstruction s/p mastectomy or loss due to burns etc. Male breast surgery i.e. gynecomastia removal by suction or excision.
For Women only-vaginal tightening and labia reconstruction including labia reduction, rejuvenation. and tightening.
For men and women- tummy tucks with or without liposuction or tummy tucks in combination with liposuction of other areas.Thigh,buttock lifts, circumferential skin reductions due to massive weight loss and of course liposuction of all areas including the neck. Facelifts with or without forehead lifts which can also be performed endoscopically, Rhinoplasties, otoplasties, eylidplasties and facial implants insertion for chin, cheek, nose and lip augmentations.
We offer skin treatments with lasers, dermabrasions, microdermabrasions, chemical peels; botox, rystaline, radiance and collagen injections as well as deep wrinkle corrections with alloderm or gore implants. Repair of skin defects after Moh's surgery, or other excisions, We excise moles, skin cancers, repair earlobes, tx varicose veins with injections or laser and perform other minor treatments.

Additional Information

My Staff:
When you come for a consultation, the first person you will meet is Nicole, my welcoming and pleasant secretary at the front desk. You will fill out the papers she gives you and she will then usher you to the consultation room. There, she will introduce you to my very enthusiastic and warm medical assistant, Jackie. She will interview you and fill out a consultation form. Eventually she will take preoperative photos should you decide to have the surgery and you will also see her right before the surgical procedure and postoperatively on some of the follow-up visits. She will answer many of your questions and be a support to you during your preoperative and postoperative period. I will then see you in consultation and we will discuss your desires, concerns, medical problems, fears, expectations, and various ways and possibilities to achieve your goals. We will decide together what procedure you should have, to help you realize your wishes and then discuss the preoperative, postoperative management, anesthesia, best facility to perform the procedure in (office or Hosp)and whether you will need a special postoperative nurse to go home with you for a day or two. We will discuss pain management what are the possibilities of complications and what are the realistic goals that you will achieve. The number of office visits as well as the time when you can resume your routine activities will also be discussed. You will then see Dee. She is the most pleasant, and lovely patient coordinator. She will explain the fees to you, tell you what preoperative medical tests you need, may go through pre and postoperative pictures of the procedure, and will also schedule the procedure and help with the initial paper work. Jennifer, my very experienced, capable and caring nurse will see you next. She is extremely talented and she is both a nurse and our skin specialist. She will answer more of your medical questions and will walk you through the presurgical process. She may also start you on a presurgical skin treatment which will help with postoperative healing and eventual maintenance of your surgical results. Her skin is flawless and she sets an example of what a perfect skin treatment regimen can do for you. After your surgery, you will see my nurse Jennifer again and or Jackie. She will take care of your surgical site and answer all your questions. You may also then meet Kathy. She has been with us for 22 years and is our account manager. She will help you with filing any insurance forms if applicable and will answer all your billing questions. If you have surgery in the office you will meet my handsome and able anesthesiologist Dr.Tom Blanco who works with us 3 days every week for the past 18 years. He makes your anesthesia safe and pleasant and makes sure that you will feel well enough to go home soon after the procedure. You will also meet Bill our surgical technician who was a medic in the army for 17 years, and who will further explain to you OR procedure and will help set up the OR for your procedure. Of course, you will meet other nurses as well. Those who will be with you during your surgery, those who will take care of you in the recovery room and those who may go home with you if you choose, and stay with you till you feel safe enough to be home alone. There is also Edie another account officer who may be asked to also help with your billing questions. She is pleasant and sociable and has a great sense of humor. I know you will like everyone on my staff, just like I do. They will make you feel secure and welcomed. Most of all you will love your results, natural, refreshed, and uplifting.

Background & Certification

Board Certification

American Board of Plastic Surgery/ Date of Certification 1983

Professional Background

NYU Medical School 1972; Residency: Jefferson University, 1974; Gen. Surgery-Univ. of Colorado Med. ctr. 1979; Plastic Surgery - St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hosp. 1981; Microsurgery Fellowship, NYU - Bellevue, 1982

Teaching Appointments

NYU title: Clinical Associate Professor (Plastic Surgery) department: School of Medicine, Surgery

Awards & Honors

AMA Physicians Recognition Award 1982-present
Top Doctors – Castle Connolly since 1997
Best Doctor list-Town and Country 2001
Who’s Who American Women in USA
Best Doctors-New York Magazine 2001
Phi Beta Kappa
Physician continuing education award

Affiliations & Memberships

Hospital Affiliations

New York University Med. Center, New York, NY
Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, New York, NY
New York Eye and Ear Hospital, New York, NY

Society Memberships

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
American College of Surgeons
American Medical Association
County Medical Society

Offices Held

Plastic Surgeons

Your Consultation

"I see patients of all ages, male and female. I try to familiarize myself with my patient's life style, wishes and expectations. I ascertain whether they can undergo the stress of surgery physically and mentally and whether the surgery that is asked for is appropriate and will fulfill their wish and vision. We talk about the positives and negatives of each procedure, about the preoperative process, what laboratory examinations are in order and also I stress that every patient should have a thorough examination by their personal physician or by an internist that I recommend in case they do not have a family MD. We talk about the appropriate anesthesia for the procedure and the postoperative course. We talk about the risks and we choose the appropriate place for the procedure-the office or the hospital. I strongly recomment for the patient to fill out honestly an information form on which they state all the medications they are taking and any pertinent medical conditions. Smoking and drug abuse which includes alcohol hx is very important and very often may render the procedure too risky. The consultation is about 45 min. Usually at the end some decision is made as to what the procedure should be and where it will be performed. The patient also knowing the time it takes to recuperate can then plan the timing. The patient then sees my nurse for further questions and then my office manager to find out all the financial information. Another 30 min. consultation is done two weeks prior to the scheduled procedure. All the risks, benefits, expectations, preop and postop instructions are discussed. Pictures are taken. Written instructions are given and all questions are answered including any pain management or need for private duty nurse postoperatively. The patient then starts their preoperative schedule."

Staff & Facilities

Surgical Facility

My private ambulatory surgery suite is one of only 500 in the world certified at the highest level by the AAAASF. My anesthesiologist and OR staff have been with me for 18 years. Any type of anesthesia can be administered. I have a three bed recovery suite, equipped with all up to date monitoring equipment.and after discharge we have set aside top hotel suites at the Carlyle where the patient can recover under the care of one of our experienced nurses. Of course the patient may also elect to have procedures at any of the hospitals.

Skin Care Products

We use Therapon cosmetics, and other skin care products.

Languages Spoken

Polish, English

Payment Options

Credit cards accepted: American Express, Visa and MasterCard
Patient Financing is available
Cash/certified check is accepted
No Managed care or insurance plans are accepted.

Helen S Colen MD, FACS

742 Park Avenue, New York, NY,
10021, US

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