Edwin Vasquez PhD

Cercado de Lima, Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima, PE
Edwin Vasquez PhD

About the Practice

Practice Philosophy

Dr. Edwin Vásquez M.D., director of the Clinic Saint Paul for Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine, is a renowned Plastic Surgeon, for his prolific work in healthcare, his academic contributions, and research in field of plastic surgery in his private, university and hospital practices.

His primary areas of focus in cosmetic surgery are: facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery and/or lifts), chin augmentation or reduction, profile correction/ smoothing (nose, cheekbones, chin), otoplasty, cosmetic breast surgery (augmentation, reduction and / or lifting), abdominal surgery (tummy tuck), body contouring (liposuction), buttock augmentation, calves, and vaginoplasty(?).

We also work extensively in the area of Hair Restoration Surgery (capillary or follicle microimplantation), supported by Aesthetic Medicine (platelet rich plasma treatments, mesotherapy, etc.) and new laser technology used for variety of applications.

In reconstructive plastic surgery Clinic Saint Paul focus in the area of breast reconstruction, in all its phases and surgical treatment modalities. We also have extensive experience in the treatment of different types of scars, mainly acne, burns and trauma.

Doctor Edwin Vásquez has strived to build a very strong medical career in Peru and abroad. He is the lead teaching doctor of Plastic Surgery at the Peruvian Medical University level, and also backed with extensive surgical experience at the largest hospital in the nation, Edgardo Rebagliati Martins, his work and surgical achievements have consequently impacted the growing private sector, particularly clinical plastic surgery.

Dr. Edwin Vásquez continues to be committed to developing and acquiring further knowledge and academic ties with the world´s leading surgeons of various specialties. Thanks to the professional ties maintained by Dr. Vasquez´s continued attendance to the most prestigious, cutting edge medical meetings, desire to learn the latest techniques and courses, and presence at medical science symposiums around the world.

Clinic Saint Paul works to achieve and maintain excellence in the quality of our services because our staff is motivated to provide the highest rate of satisfaction to our patients, based on a dignified and friendly bedside manner, supported by a modern infrastructure, technology and a great team of professionals concerned only to ensure the safety of our patient´s health and achieve their expectations, something our staff of professionals all share with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Background & Certification

Professional Background

• Bachelor´s degree in Human Medicine; “National University Federico Villarreal”, 1990.
Lima - PERU

• Doctor of Medicine: “National University Federico Villarreal”, 1990.
Lima - PERU

• Medical Internship completed in “Teaching Hospital Hipólito Unánue” of the Peruvian Ministry of Health. Lima - PERU,1989. Score of: 18.93.

• Licensed Medical Surgeon, with the National Registry of the Peruvian College of Medicine, license number: 23043. Obtained January 1990.
Lima – PERU.
Post-Graduate Training

• General Surgery , in the Medical Residency Programa of the National University of Federico Villarreal , in the Hospital “ Edgardo Rebagliati Martins” I.P.S.S., from 1991-1994, initiated program May 1991. Score of 74,20 and placed 3rd. in Merits. Lima - PERU.

• Plastic Surgery Specialization (1995-1997), in the Post-Graduate Program of the “University Santa Cecília dos Bandeirantes”, under the Service of Prof. Dr. Ewaldo Bolívar de Souza Pinto, January 1995, placed 1st. with Merits, first year studies (1995). Santos - SP - Brasil.

• Plastic Surgery Specialization (1995-1997), Post- Graduate Program of “Institute of Pesquisa Médico-Científica of São Bernardo do Campo”, under the service of Prof. Dr. Paulo Mateó Santana, transfered, second and third year studies (1996-1997). São Paulo-SP-Brasil.

• Licensed Plastic Surgeon Abroad and Recognized in Peru, with the National Registry of Medical Specialists in the Peruvian College of Medicine. License number: 13682, January 2002, Lima – Perú.

Publications and Presentations

• “Diagnosis and Treatment Surgical-Clinical of Gastric-Cancer, Currently and Perspectives, at the en el “National Hospital Edgardo Rebagliati Martins”, Post-Graduate Thesis, presented at the “National University Federico Villarreal”, for the title of General Surgeon, Octubre 1994. Lima - PERU.

• “Premature Cutaneous Repair of skin flaps of tramuatic injuries of the Leg and Foot”, Post-Graduate Theis for Sensu Estricto, Doctorate, presented to the Medical Department of the University of Sao Paulo ,to obtain the title of Doctor of Medicine, April 2003. São Paulo – SP – BRASIL.

• “Reconstruction of Complex Injuries to theThoracic Wall with Skin Flaps”, Author of the Summary Book of the “13th Congreso Ibero-Latinoamerican of Plastic Surgery”, May 2006. Lima – PERU.

• Chairmanship at the National University “ Federico Villarreal” , category of Part-Time Assistant Professor, 10 hours, for the subject of “ Human Anatomy” , in the Faculty of Human Medicine - School of Nursing y School of Nutrition, December 1990. Lima - PERU.

• Placed 3rd. in the Residency 1991, at the Post-Graduate School of the National University “Federico Villarreal”, specializing in General Surgery, with the average of 74.20. Lima - PERU.

• Placed 2nd. in the Brazilian Program of Specialization of Foreign Doctors. organized by the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations and the Ministry of Health, specializing in plastic surgery, with the score of 8,2. December 1994. Rio de Janeiro - RJ - BRASIL.

• Placed 1st. in the Program of Plastic Surgeryof the “ Univeristy of Santa Cecília dos Bandeirantes”, directed by Prof. Dr. Ewaldo Bolívar de Souza Pinto; January 1995. Santos - SP – BRASIL.

Affiliations & Memberships

Hospital Affiliations

National Hospital E.Rebagliati Martins - ESSALUD. (Chief of Reconstructive Microsurgery)

Society Memberships

• Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).
• Member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).
• Member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
• Member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP).
• Member of the Peruvian Society of Plastic Surgery (SPCPRE)
• Memeber of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery(ISHRS).
• Member of the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery(FILACP)
• Fellow of the American College of Surgeons(FACS).
• Fellow of the International College of Surgeons(FICS).
• Member of the Peruvian Academy of Surgeons.
• Member of the Peruvian Academy of Mammary Glands.
• Member of the Brazilian Society of Laser Surgery and Medicine.

Staff & Facilities

Languages Spoken

Portugues – Spanish - English

Payment Options

Cash, Visa, MasterCard, etc.

Edwin Vasquez PhD

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