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  • My Quality of Life Improved After My Upper Eyelid Surgery

    Arleen was suffering from ptosis which is the dropping or falling of the upper eyelid. Her ophthalmologist suggested she consider an upper eyelid surgery also known as a blepharoplasty. Arleen consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon that performed surgery on her upper eyelid.  

    The plastic surgeon treated Arleen’s ptosis by shortening the cords in her upper eyelids. It was a simple procedure. She was put under anesthesia. Arleen woke up with a few stitches from the procedure and about a week later the stitches were out.  

  • I Saw A Refreshed Version of Myself After Botox

    As James stared at his reflection in the mirror, he realized he’d started developing wrinkles on his face. He consulted with his board-certified plastic surgeon about getting Botox. “There is a new way of thinking when it comes to anti-aging. It is not just about the big facelift it is also about the minor touch-ups throughout your decades,” explained James. 

  • Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction Added Symmetry to My Breasts

    Georgette underwent a mastectomy on one of her breasts following her breast cancer diagnosis. She consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon who recommended a breast reconstruction procedure. 

    Breast reconstruction includes a variety of procedures performed to restore the form and shape of the breast, following mastectomy or lumpectomy surgery. 

  • Why My Friends Were Blown Away By My Mini Facelift

    Claudia consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon about having her eyes done and he suggested she could benefit from a lower facelift.  

    She then decided to undergo a lower facelift. “As a skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon he looked at the whole picture and knew what could be accomplished,” Claudia explains. 

  • Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting: A Fuller Youthful Look

    Kimberly noticed fat pads gradually develop below her eyes as she aged. One of her patients commented, she looked tired –something she had also noticed. Kimberly tried a few treatments which produced temporary results.  

    She then consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon. “When I went to see the doctor, I let him know what I wanted and asked him what he needed to do to do to help me achieve the desired look,” explains Kimberly. 

    Her plastic surgeon recommended a fat transfer from her neck to cheeks for a fuller youthful look.  

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