Reduce as well as uplift or remove completely?

I had 410cc implants 2 yrs ago as I wanted my breasts to be firmer and shaped instead of sagging. I am looking at options as to whether I should remove them completely or reduce them with an uplift. Can I reduce them without an uplift? A reduction with uplift would be better but I don't want excess skin with them reduced and them looking saggy still. I'm now 34ff and too big. I just wanted them to be firm and round and am happy with a small medium breast.

The answer to your question will surely depend on the amount of breast tissue that is left and the size you are looking for after the procedure. For sure whether you downsize the implants or remove them totally, you will end up with some sort of sagging and will need a lift. 34 ff size is quite large and has its own set of problems. By having the breast lift you can still have your breast firm and perky without the extra size your are carrying. Please consult with an ASAPS member well versed in those procedures.

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Shady Hayek, MD
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Shady Hayek, MD

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This is a very common event that can occur in the augmented female. Removing the implants is the simplest & safest solution especially, if they are silicone breast implants as significant scar tissue can be present that should be removed. Some practioners will perform a mastopexy or breast lift at the same setting/surgery. An examination would be of great benifit/assistance in determining which course of surgical treatment would be best for you. Consider an appointment with a member of the ASAPS in your area. They are experts in breast surgery.


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