Is it possible to reduce my breasts again and get a lift?

I'm 65 and had breast reduction surgery 46 years ago. My areolas were removed and a vertical incision was made to the natural fold. No" fold" incision was made. Although my breast size was reduced, there was no lift, which I desperately needed. Now, more so. Is it possible to reduce my breasts again and get a lift?

It is certainly possible to have a revisionary breast lift many years after your first one.

Aging, weight fluctuation, and many other factors can contribute to changes from your original surgical result... especially after so many years. When you go in for your consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon, see if there is a way for you to bring your original operative report in with you, as this will make his/her job easier.

Great question! Best of luck to you.

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Anna Wooten MD
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Anna Wooten MD

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Yes, in principle you can have a breast reduction the second time. A breast lift is always a part of the breast reduction. Having the operative report from your first surgery will defensively help your surgeon determine which technique is best for you to provide you with the wanted results in the safest way. Please choose and ASAPS member who is well versed in breast surgery.

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Shady Hayek, MD

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