Will this excess fat last forever?

I had a scar on my forehead right on my eyebrow due to hitting the edge of a wall, and it caused a dent. I recently went to the doctors and had fat from my stomach put onto where I banged my forehead to fill in the dent. It has been almost two months and there is still some excess fat left. The doctor said that the fat would absorb to my body and it will fill in the dent. He also said that it will be better after a month. Is that true or will I be stuck with this fat forever?

Excess fat after fat grafting.

The body can take up to about 4 months to remodel and incorporate grafted fat. Therefore, you may yet change and even out. Be thankful that you have too much as this is better than already having the fat absorb enough to know that you will need regrafting. If, after 4 months you still have too much fat in the area, then the excess can be liposuctioned to even the contour. This is easier and more reliable than adding more fat.

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Robert T. Buchanan, MD

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