Is it possible to find pro bono surgeon for a breast reduction?

I am a 5'6" white female with a 34 DD cup size. I only weigh 130 pounds. I have awful neck, rib, and shoulder pain. I can't even sit up straight. My insurance company requires a certain amount to come out, the surgeon I saw said that it would leave me flat chested. I can't afford to pay for the surgery. Are there pro bono surgeons out there for this kind of procedure?

Yours is a common problem. Insurance company guidelines can be so restrictive that medically needed reconstructive breast reduction may be denied. My first suggestion is to seek another opinion from a board certified plastic surgeon. You may find that the answers will be different.

Pro bono elective surgery is rare. However, there may be a university plastic surgery teaching program that will treat you at reduced rates, based on your income. Finally, discuss with your chosen plastic surgeon the costs if reduction is done at their own office surgical facility (often much less than hospital charges) and ask about patient financing options. Best wishes.

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