Is a breast reduction medically necessary to eliminate pain caused by herniated discs?

I am 5'8" and 230 lbs and a size M. I am actively trying to lose weight, but now have a herniated disc in c5/c6. I think the weight of my breasts are causing this. Is it more important to lose weight before or after the surgery? It is extremely hard for me to exercise at this point, but I am watching my diet. Please advise. Is it medically necessary to reduce the breasts to eliminate the pain from the herniated discs? My bra straps dig deeply into my shoulders.

Breast reduction could help. Weight loss is a great idea. Herniated disc problems will likely continue. Those are the most simple answers, but a consultation with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon would give you better information.

There are two sides of the coin with reduction and weight loss. Lose the weight first and your surgeon can give you the best job of lifting and matching body proportions. Have the reduction first and exercise should become more comfortable, allowing easier weight loss.

The large breasts probably didn't cause your cervical disc disease, but may aggravate it's symptoms. Reducing the breasts will not likely eliminate the symptoms. Improvement is possible.

Weight loss will give you life-long benefits, so a moderate weight or BMI should be your goal for many reasons, other than breast related symptoms and appearance. Best wishes.

Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS
Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS
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Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS

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Your BMI is 35, therefore you are at a high risk for any surgery. I would recommend losing the weight first. You need to work with a nutritionist and personal trainer and commit to losing the weight.

The pain of a herniated disc may or may not improve depending on the degree of the disc herniation.

Your pain may also be aggravated by the abdominal skin and fat.

Once you lose the weight the results of the surgery would have much better cosmetic results.

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Samir F. Shureih, MD
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Samir F. Shureih, MD

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