Will the discoloration fade away after my 2nd collagen injection?

I had 2 sessions of collagen injections for acne scars. A few days after my 2nd injection, I noticed brownish discoloration in my face; some near the injection sites. The discoloration becomes more visible when I stretch my skin. The color seems to be darker when I wake up. I didn't have any bruises. It’s been two weeks now. Will the discoloration fade away? Should I go for my 3rd session? I'm not sure if this is relevant but some lumps at my upper jaw line are visible when I chew.

Discoloration is not described as a complication for dermal fillers like collagen or Hyaluronic acid. I rather prefer Hyaluronic acid instead of Collagen. Maybe you could have a little bleeding in the injection side which can turn yellow for a few days. Also you can have had the discoloration before, and when you had the filler done, it became more noticeable because of the tightening of your skin after the filler. You can try a PRGF treatment to correct this problem.

Luis Lopez Tallaj, MD
Luis Lopez Tallaj, MD

Luis Lopez Tallaj, MD

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