Question Regarding Septoplasty Procedure

Is it possible that a deviated septum can create a more nasally-sounding voice? Could this procedure, in turn, alleviate some of the "nasalliness" that comes with how I sound (in addition to the more obvious problems like difficulty breathing)?

The reason I ask is because my job is 99% about my voice and how it sounds through a microphone. I have listened to recordings of myself in the past and came to the suspicion that heavier breathing and a nasally voice could be turn-off to listeners, and was wondering if this was, in part, from my deviated septum?

Yes, a significantly deviated septum often causes some disturbance in airflow and thus can contribute to or be the main source of a hypernasal voice quality. There are other potential sources of airflow disturbances such as narrow or collapsed nostril support, enlarged turbinates, etc. If the septal deviation is in part or fully the cause of airway pathology then a septoplasty is usually the cure.

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