Scar Tissue After Rhinoplasty

I had an open rhinoplasty five months ago and developed an internal abscess soon after. This has resulted in scar tissue around the area causing a pollybeak appearance from one side only.

The result was perfect before the infection occurred.

The surgeon has administered Morpheus8 radio frequency and microneedling and the scar tissue has gone down, however not fully and I still have the beak shape.

Is this something that could potentially revert back to the original post surgery shape with time and continued needling or will I need revision and be left with the ‘hook’ shape without?

Many thanks

Giving you answers to address your specific concerns would be challenging and probably not appropriate without reviewing your preoperative photographs, reviewing the details of your operation and postoperative course, and examining you in person. That being considered, based on the information that you have relayed above, I believe that it is unlikely that your nasal shape will return to the form that you witnessed immediately after surgery and you probably will need a secondary procedure to correct any deformity caused by the infection and subsequent scar tissue. I am not entirely sure what the thought process is behind the Morpheus8 treatments. For now, the best course is massage, possible steroid injections, and time. After appropriate healing time for the inflammation to settle down, a follow up evaluation and surgical correction is likely.

Michael A. Epstein, MD
Michael A. Epstein, MD
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Michael A. Epstein, MD

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