Am I a candidate for breast reduction?

Am I a candidate for breast reduction? I have very large breast (40n) with grooves in my shoulders. I suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain. I recently lost 24 lbs but the breast are lot to carry around. I’ve been to the doctor on and off about pain but no relief. I buy larger shirts so they want look so big. I’m very self conscious about them and makes my self esteem low because I feel like everyone looks at them.

Large breasts may not only interfere with your physical ability to function in daily activities but can be emotionally burdensome as well. From what you describe you are a candidate for a breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery removes excess breast tissue and reshapes the contour of the breasts so that they are smaller and perkier. It is possible to do a breast reduction with a minimal scar technique and can also be done as an outpatient procedure under twilight sedation. It's important to be sure expectations are realistic and you have an understanding of the commitment needed for the healing process. Make sure that you understand the nature of your surgery, the recovery process, and that you feel comfortable and emotionally ready to make these changes to your body. I suggest you make an appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon who will examine you and go over your surgical options in detail.

Michelle Copeland, MD, FACS
Michelle Copeland, MD, FACS
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Michelle Copeland, MD, FACS

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