Am I a candidate ?

I am a 57 yr old with Ehlers Danlos type 3, I am also a 3 time Open Heart Surgery Survivor with an artificial heart valev in the Mitral Valve position, and a Tricuspid repair. I Take coumedin. I am a Petite 5'2 , 119 pound woman and I have a 32 DDD chest! It causes me great discomfort to my shoulders, neck and back as well as my sternum area.

I have had a hysterectomy after heart surgery as well as oral surgery and did just fine.

I would imagine that I have more risk than others given my history, but was hoping that I could get some detailed info and options here as I desperately want a reduction to ease the pain I have on a daily basis which I can only imagine getting worse with age.



You are very aware of your health issues and as you have gone through procedures since your heart procedure, there is no reason why you cannot have a breast reduction if fully informed (yes, there are more risks you must accept to proceed). You should seek a board certified plastic surgeon, preferably an older surgeon with more experience and wisdom, as he/she should be able to guide you through the decision making process and hopefully to a happy outcome. With your Elhers issue, you cannot expect to maintain the perkiest of results so expect that... but you can have considerable weight removed from your shoulders!

Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
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Curtis S. F. Wong, MD

1950 Rosaline Ave, Redding, CA,

Hello MJ and Happy 4th of July.

You sound like a perfect candidate for a breast reduction. But, you are a very high risk for complications. My biggest concern would be for bleeding. This surgery is very different from the others you have had. Its not a fear of bleeding to death or anything like that. The concern is that if you bleed in your breasts after reduction surgery, that can cause skin or nipple necrosis. So, just like every surgery we do, we have to weigh the risks and the benefits. So, now that you know the risks, you have to decide if the current issues are worth taking the risk of losing one or possible both of your nipples.

Daniel Markmann, MD
Daniel Markmann, MD
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Daniel Markmann, MD

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