Can a breast lift be performed without moving the nipple?


I am 26 years, I am between a G and an H cup. Due to not wearing properly supportive bras until I had reached a D cup and a recent dramatic weight loss, the skin in the upper area of my breast is extremely loose. My size is not an issue in terms of feeling too heavy or having back pain but the worst part is definitely that stretched out skin. It gets dry and whenever I have break outs, the eczema starts there. So I started looking into procedures to reduce sagging. After some research, a lift is definitely what I’m looking for. But because I plan on having biological children I carry and breastfeed (although within the next 5 years), I would like to know if it is possible to simply not touch the nipples and areolas. I don’t want to raise my nipples and I like the shape of my breasts. I just want the skin holding them up to be tightened up. I thank you in advance for your advice.

TLDR: I’m 26, cis-woman. the skin holding my breasts up is extremely loose and stressed, can I get a breast lift without raising my nipples because I like my nipples where they are and I want to minimise any risk to my ability to breastfeed.

In rare cases, it can be done. But, only cases in which your nipple is already in a good position. Your nipple has to be about 4-6 cm above your crease for it to work.

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