Skin issues

Hello, I'm a cis woman in my late 20s. Last time I measured, my breasts are at 38G. I would like to get a reduction for the typical reasons (back pain, hygiene issues, I just don't like them). My ideal would be to take them to a C or so.

My issue here is that I have chronic skin issues that are concentrated on the underside of my breasts, primarily eczema and some scarring from previous skin infections. I totally realize that I'll need to see a doctor to discuss the specifics, but in general, would this kind of thing make a reduction more complicated or preclude it entirely?

Your skin condition is an indication for surgery. I have patients paint the area twice a day with Betadine solution which helps dry the area and reduce the fungal burden on the skin. Washing twice a day before this application with dove soap can help maintain the skin moisture. Good luck.

Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS
Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS
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Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS

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