Eye asymmetry problems

I have multiple eye asymmetry problems. What surgeries/exercises are recommended?

I am content with the left half of my face, but the right half is rather ugly because my right eye has multiple issues. One, it has mild strabismus, which probably throws people off subconsciously when I'm looking them in the eye. Second, it has a droopy lower eyelid. Third, it is set lower, closer to my nose, and more sunken into my face than my left eye.

Notes: I have mild scoliosis. Also, I've had the lazier eye my whole life but the asymmetry problems seem to have gotten worse in the last few years.

First, it is important to realize that the face and eyes are always asymmetric and are never exactly the same. With that in mind, there are significant asymmetries that can be sometimes be improved. Asymmetries in ocular movements such as strabismus should be evaluated and addressed by an ophthalmologist. Eyelid ptosis, or droopy eyes, eyelid and brow appearance, and shape can be addressed by a plastic surgeon experienced in working on the face and eyes. The first step in evaluating to see if you are candidate to improve the symmetry of your eyes is to make an appointment and be seen and examined. At that point, expectations and goals can be set.

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