How long before surgery should I quit smoking and vaping?

I'm having a mini tummy tuck and breast lift procedure done in 4 weeks and know I need to quit smoking so stopped smoking cigarettes 2 weeks ago however I have been vaping sporadically with minimal nicotine in the liquids and didn't think of how that would impact recovery so would stopping now be enough time to minimize risks in a young and otherwise healthy adult (23yrs old)? Additionally does smoking marijuana or nicotine free herbal substitutes pose the same risks?

The smoke or vapor gas is the main issue that effects your tissue to survive. Nicotine gum or patch is an alternative I use. Not all plastic surgeons understand that nicotine is metabolized to cotinine which is a vasodilator. However any smoke is a killer. Good luck..

Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS
Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS
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Larry Weinstein, MD, FACS

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