Is it normal for an areola incision to start opening after 5 weeks post op?

I had a breast augmentation with lift and areola reduction 5 weeks ago. Today I noticed my areola incision on the right breast is starting to open. I'm not sure why this is happening now. What can I do to prevent it from getting bigger or wider? On my left breast incision I am dealing with an open wound for the past weeks and now it is healing very slowly. My surgeon told me to do the wet to dry treatment which has been working but it's not closed yet. Can anyone advise me on what to do, there is no infection or anything, I just feel overwhelmed because its one thing after another, thank you.

I understand your frustration but it sounds as if you are doing everything right. Return to your surgeon and have them evaluate the new wound. These issues can be managed with minimal long term problems. Wounds can take weeks to heal. If after 6 months the scars are wide or raised revisions or nonsurgical interventions can be made to improve the appearance of these areas. Although annoying , these issues will resolve.

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