Will a fat transfer to the hips last?

I want to get fat transferred to my hips to make them wider and less square and I don’t want implants because of possible migration. But I have heard that fat transferred to the hips will not last very long. Also how wide can I make my hips through fat transfer? (I am going for about 2cm on each side)


Thanks for your question. Fat transfer to the hips can create long term results in most patients, but there are certain caveats. It is important to know that the fat that gets transferred during surgery may be lost by as much as 40%. The remaining cells will be what give you your results. Patients who are very active or dieting, will not get the results that they seek. The cells that get transplanted won't grow in number. They only get larger or smaller based on diet and exercise, just like the rest of the fat on your body. So if you decide to train for a marathon after surgery, you will just shrink the contents of the new transplanted cells, even though you have more fat cells on your hips compared to before surgery. We usually recommend 6 weeks without pressure on the area of fat transplantation or exercise to give the cells the best chance of surviving. We recommend the use of medium chain triglycerides in the diet especially before going to the gym to give the body an immediately useable source of calories to burn instead of burning the fat in the storage cells on the hips. We recommend minimal cardio, telling the patient to instead focus on high weight, low rep lifting exercise for the lower extremities.

Your goal of 2cm on each side should be fairly easy to achieve depending on how much fat you can inject into the skin. Use of skin moisturizer for several weeks on the hip skin keeps it supple to stretch better. Your final aesthetic outcome will be a combination of fat removal from the love handles and fat addition to the hips. This will remove the boxy appearance for sure!

Good luck,

Dr. Shah

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