Does areola skin color grow back?

I had a breast augmentation and lift 10 weeks ago, had the stitches out and healed fine. I've been wearing nipple pasties with summer dresses but today when I peeled off a pastie it also peeled off a bit of the edge of my areola. You could see the pink skin, I dabbed a tissue over it and was barely bleeding. Is this something I should be concerned about? Does your areola color grow back?

If the peeled skin is very superficial, meaning that you did not pull off a full thickness piece of skin, the color should come back with time. It would have obviously been better to avoid this type of injury, so I suggest to my patients that they ask me before they wear something like a nipple pastie, or certain bras or even go into hot tubs, the first months after breast surgery.

Please call your surgeon and ask if they would like to see you. Most qualified plastic surgeons care as much about their results as you do, and would want to know if you were having a wound problem, even weeks or months after the procedure.

Caroline A. Glicksman, MD
Caroline A. Glicksman, MD
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Caroline A. Glicksman, MD

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