Do I qualify for a Breast Reduction?

I am 16 and wear a 34 DDD, with that I have back and neck pain quite often & can never sit up right without being in some sort of pain or discomfort. Wearing a regular bra is something I avoid often because of the how heavy they are. I only weight 136 pounds and I’m around 5’6. I was wondering if I could even qualify for a BR. Or if I should bring this up to a parent knowing all the pros and cons after doing some research on it (not being able to feel sensation in certain areas & possibly not able to breast feed, I am very aware). I know I still have some years to go and can still be growing, but I feel so restricted by not being able to play sports or wear certain things. I would greatly appreciate some advice.

You present a challenging question for plastic surgeons. Some will say that you must reach 18 years of age before having breast reduction. Others may base the timing on young women's individual maturity. Understanding and agreement of parents for legal minors is important. Stable breast size (plateau in growth) is another factor to consider. Based on your height, weight, bra size, and symptoms, you appear to have the indications for breast reduction surgery. Another important element is how much excessive breast tissue would be removed. This amount, and many other important issues would be discussed during your personal consultation and exam with the plastic surgeon. You sound like you've done your research and it is reasonable to talk with your parents and personal physician. (BTW- not all patients experience permanent numbness or inability to breast feed.) Time to make an appointment!

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