Revision Otoplasty

Dear Sir,

With respect and regards, I had an otoplasty procedure nine months ago but am not satisfied with the results. After three months, I changed my doctor and had a second otoplasty. It has been six months after I performed my second otoplasty. Still I am not satisfied because both my ears are over corrected with irregular surface which does not suit my face structure. Also, they are over corrected ear lobes whereas the upper parts of the ears are round in shape which looks like a phone shape ears. There is also a fully visible asymmetry in both ears. This condition has severally affected my self-esteem and I am self- conscious about it. Now I am planning for a third surgery while expecting much improved results which not only appeal aesthetically but also looks as much as normal and symmetrical as possible. Will it be possible for much improved results in third time surgery with no visible scars??

Waiting and expecting an optimistic response.

Timing of revisions usually is beyond 3 months from any procedure but regardless, at this point you remain dissatisfied. Things that I would require of my patients who find themselves in similar situations and on whom I am considering a revision: 1) the concerns must be obvious to anyone looking at the results as I will not do a revision to change something by a mm 2) there must be adequate healing since the last procedure to produce the best environment (tissue quality) to do the revision 3) I have to know in my heart that a revision will make things closer to what my patient is hoping for. If you were asking me to do a revision for you on someone else's work, you would have to clearly explain why you chose to see someone else for your first revision as it would be very important in deciding if I would accept you as a patient.

Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
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Curtis S. F. Wong, MD

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