How to fix facial assymetry

I’m 20 and have a very assymetrical face. The left side is lower than the right. Also the jaw on the left side is stronger and wider, and the cheek is fatter. When I smile, the right side of my mouth comes up further. I’m very self-conscious about this assymetry. It has progressively gotten worse over the past few years, and in the past week my left side has felt like it’s melting downwards. It still feels like this as I’m typing. I can’t stand to look at photos of myself. And I can tell when people notice it. People might be attracted to me from afar but when they get close I can tell they notice it. I had 4 adult teeth removed as a teenager due to crowding, and then braces for 3 years. I had my top two wisdom teeth removed last year, and then Invisalign to further straighten my teeth. I’ve been using Invisalign for the past 5 months, and there’s only 3 months left but my teeth still look like they’re crooked and way too far to the left. Also, I had a rhinoplasty in January last year to correct a deviated septum, a narrow bridge and a protruding nose. The surgeon did a good job in making my nose look less narrow, less protruding from the side and increasing airflow, but now my nose looks assymetrical from the front, which worsens an already assymetrical face. One side is more sunken in. Also, my rhinoplasty surgeon said that according to an x-ray, one of my maxillary sinuses is much smaller than the other. Could this be the sole cause of the facial assymetry? Every day I’m incredibly conscious of all these assymetries and I notice how people treat me differently because of it. I would just like advice on what to do to fix these things, particularly the fact that the left side of my face is too far down, and how much it would cost to look more symmetrical. I would prefer a long term solution like surgery as opposed to just fillers, but I will try anything.

Without seeing photographs, facial x-rays, and examining you it would be impossible for me to give you an opinion. Having no idea to what degree you have facial asymmetry, I must still tell you that that it is normal to have some facial asymmetry. My advice to you would be to make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that has experience evaluating and treating the head neck. These problems can be treated with injectable fillers, fat grafting, surgically placed implants, or even orthognathic surgery (where bones are shifted into more normal positions.

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