In January this year I had an alarplasty using ear cartilage; however, my right nostril did not come down enough, so the surgeon did a second alarplasty in March this year. As a result of the second procedure, I developed a tiny necrotic wound between my columella and right nostril. My surgeon has debrided this wound twice so far, and has prescribed mupirocin ointment. My right nostril still has not come down to the same level as my left nostril, which came down a lot with my first alarplasty.

I have 2 questions: the wound is about the size of the number zero on a computer keyboard and looks like 0. How long before this wound closes fully, and would silikon 1000 help bring down the wound further? I don't want a temporary filler, because I'd like my nostril flare to be permanently fixed. I also don't want to do another alarplasty.

I'm sorry to hear of your journey and complications, as they unfortunately do occur. Your surgeon sounds like he/she is trying to do everything possible to help you get a good result and at this point, all you can do is focus on healing and then seeing what outcome you end up with. Then and only then can you start formulating a plan to help you improve your final result. If you have hypertrophic scarring, use of scar products can help as will steroid injections into the scar itself. As for healing, a wound that size would be expected to fill in rather quickly, depending on how clean the base of the wound is at this time. Pictures would help immensely and knowing just how your procedures were done would also be beneficial to those commenting.

Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
Curtis S. F. Wong, MD
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Curtis S. F. Wong, MD

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