Lipo / Tummy tuck

Hello, I had a liposuction but it was called something else - I had extra skin! I came out and had a huge scar when it was said the cut would be small!

I wear low cut everything- know the doctor well! Paid like 12k also was suppose to have a lift in my receding hair line area! But did nothing! I also paid for my lip to be done and did not do that either!

I went back in as my tummy still had bulge on top and side had a large amount of skin on the side and tummy that overlapped the bottom! It came to a point! Again way to high!

He charged me 1400 more ! I still have the same thing wrong and it is still too high! Is there a way to fix? I even was bruised from under boobs black to my knees after! Please help - I spent my entire savings on this and still not happy!

Thanks for your submission and sorry to hear about your ongoing difficulties. Having a disappointment after surgery is never fun - for you or for your surgeon. Make sure you are very clear with your communications with your surgeon and try to arrive at a plan that addresses all of your concerns. In the interim, obtaining a second opinion for a board-certified plastic surgeon may help you sort out some of the issues you are experiencing.

Trent D. Douglas, MD
Trent D. Douglas, MD
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Trent D. Douglas, MD

350 Bon Air Rd, #300, Greenbrae, CA,

So sorry to hear about this. Without seeing pre/post op pics I can't really give you any explanation as to why this happened. Clearly though, this is not the norm. My suggestion would be to obtain your records and get a 2nd opinion. Sounds like you've been very patient. I know the personal relationship is an issue, but you need to know that things were either done right and didn't turn out well, or something else.

Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
M. Scott Haydon, MD
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M. Scott Haydon, MD

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