Case #4359: Facelift

Case Description

62 years - 1st Surgery: Lateral brow / temporal lift, extended; structural fat grafting of brow / upper lid junction; lower blepharoplasty with horizontal lower lid shortening, lateral canthopexy (for lower lid support); lower face and neck lift (full pre- and post-auricular incisions) with platysmaplasty; peri-oral dermabrasion

2nd Surgery: Full face structural fat grafting of bilateral temples, tear troughs, lower lid / cheek junction, anterior cheeks, nasolabial folds, commissural recesses, forehead, glabellum, anterior jawline; manual aspiration of jawline fullness

3rd Surgery: Browlift; high-SMAS face and neck lift; bilateral upper blepharoplasty; limited dermabrasion: peri-oral and central forehead

Michael Law, MD
Michael Law, MD
10941 Raven Ridge RdRaleighNC27614US

Michael Law, MD

10941 Raven Ridge Rd, Raleigh, NC,