Case #21312: 34-44 year old man with gynecomastia

Case Description

A man in his mid 30’s who has had gynecomastia since middle school. He describes developing breasts at 11-212. He was smoking marijuana at that time, and continues to smoke marijuana on a regular basis. Marijuana use has been associated with gynecomastia development in some studies.

He is bothered by the appearance of his chest with his shirt off and also in fitted shirts. He has worn compression garments to hide the appearance of his chest.

He is shown before and again, 4 ½ months after bilateral gynecomastia treatment with a modified S.A.F.E. technique combined with a direct excision of breast tissue through an incision around the areola. External ultrasound is used to soften the fat before the finned cannula is used to mechanically disrupt the fat. Then liposuction is performed through an incision behind the pectoralis muscle and beneath the areolar. Remaining breast tissue is excised through the peri-areolar incision and then the fatty layer is mechanically smoothed with the finned cannula.

Scars are at their thickest and reddest at 6 weeks and will now begin to fade and improve over the next 1-2 years. He is already thrilled with his improvement and is looking forward to going the beach this summer and wearing fitted shirts.

Jonathan D. Hall, MD
Jonathan D. Hall, MD
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Jonathan D. Hall, MD

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