Case #21318: 25-34 year old woman treated with Breast Augmentation using Ideal implants

Case Description

A woman in her early 30’s who wished to have fuller breasts. She described herself as wearing a padded B cup bra and wished to be a C cup without the padding. She had initially seen us two years previously and was not comfortable with the implant choices available at the time. She chose the Ideal breast implant once it was available, because it has a more natural feel than the traditional saline implant but without the risk of a “silent” rupture. It appealed to her to be able to follow her implants after surgery by simple observation rather than with ultrasound or MRI which is needed to detect the failure of a silicone gel implant.

She is 5’5” and 131 lbs and selected a 270 cc implant in the office. She is shown before and again, 14 months after partial subpectoral placement of 270 cc Ideal structured saline implants through an inframammary ( at the breast fold) incision. She is thrilled with her fuller but still natural appearance. The Ideal implants have two lumens and can be filled to give either a moderate or a full profile look. In this case the 270 is similar to a moderate profile standard saline implant in projection. It could also be filled to 305cc to give the equivalent of a high profile.

Jonathan D. Hall, MD
Jonathan D. Hall, MD
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Jonathan D. Hall, MD

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