Case #21315: 25-34 year old woman treated with Breast Augmentation

Case Description

A mother of 3 in her mid 30’s who is bothered by a deflated appearance of her breasts after pregnancy. She describes herself as a 34 A, and would like to be a C cup but still natural in appearance. She is 5’7” and 130 lbs and is shown before and again, 1 year after breast augmentation. She elected for a 350 cc high profile round silicone gels with micro-texture which were placed through an inframammary incision in a partial sub-pectoral position.

Discussion: She is quite thin and the caliper pinch of her breasts is only 1.4 cm which places her at a higher risk of palpable and visible ripples. She has some asymmetry of the nipple position, but not enough after discussion to warrant the scars of a mastopexy (breast lift). The high profile helps to add some volume back to the deflated upper breast. The texture may decrease the risk of the implants shifting with time to the side. The micro texture has significantly less risk of late seroma formation, pseudo-capsule and BIA-ALCL than is seen with the more aggressively textured implants.

Jonathan D. Hall, MD
Jonathan D. Hall, MD
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Jonathan D. Hall, MD

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