Case #22052: Arm Lift Patient 12

Case Description

This 45-year-old asked to rejuvenate the sagging skin and fat on her arms after weight loss. Our physician discussed treatment options with the patient during her consultation. He explained to the patient that her skin tone was only moderate and VASER liposuction alone would very likely result in worsening skin laxity. He explained that VASER liposuction could be performed to remove fat and help tighten her skin. In addition, he suggested a modified arm lift procedure be performed at the same time whereby skin would be removed from incisions concealed in the armpit area. The patient liked this idea. Our physician subsequently performed this surgery, removing 310 cc of fat from each arm with VASER liposuction as well as removing and tightening the skin using the armpit incisions. The patient sustained little bruising and no pain. She is happy with the appearance of her rejuvenated arms and hidden scars which continue to become less noticeable every day.

Paul M. Parker, MD
Paul M. Parker, MD
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Paul M. Parker, MD

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