Case #22042: Mini Tummy Tuck Patient 20

Case Description

This 42-year-old came in requesting improvement in the appearance of her abdomen after having 4 children. Though she had been heavy during her pregnancies, her weight has been stable more recently. She is 5′ 7″ and came in weighing 130 pounds. She was specifically bothered by her lower abdomen and fine with her upper abdomen. She competes as a bodybuilder and requested that her scar be as short and low as possible. After discussing a mini-abdominoplasty with her, our provider subsequently performed the procedure, tightening the loose rectus abdominus muscles, removing skin from the lower abdomen and carefully closing the incision with multiple layers of dissolvable sutures to create a short, low, thin scar. The patient recovered rapidly afterwards, going on vacation to Jamaica 2 weeks after surgery. She loves the appearance of her abdomen and feels much more self-confident.

Paul M. Parker, MD
Paul M. Parker, MD
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Paul M. Parker, MD

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