Case #21576: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Case Description

This 48 year old woman and her husband consulted us seeking improved contour of her torso, tummy, bra line and flanks. She had 2 children, previous appendectomy and tubal ligation. She presented at 5' 4" and 200 pounds, planning moderate weight loss as well as surgery. She wanted abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and reduction of the fat adjacent to her bra line areas, back and flanks. She had good muscle tone and did not need muscle tightening. During surgery skin and fat were removed from her lower abdomen, and liposuction removed fat in the areas of her back. These improved her waistline, and upper buttock contour as well. She recovered well, resumed her vigorous job within 4 weeks, and participated in Weight Watchers and exercise classes. Her weight is down 20-25 pounds.

Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS
Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS
615 Halton RdGreenvilleSC29607US

Sutton L. Graham, II., MD, FACS

615 Halton Rd, #100, Greenville, SC,