Case #16683: BAND Abdominoplasty

Case Description

This photo set depicts Dr. O'Connell's BAND Abdominoplasty that was published in the journal Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2018. BAND is an acronym that stands for Bidirectional, Absorbable, No Drain. Dr. O'Connell's BAND technique is a type of drainless abdominoplasty where no permanent sutures are used for the abdominoplasty. This particular patient had a prior twin pregnancy and the photos were taken approximately 3 years apart with the patient having undergone approximately 40 lb weight loss.

Joseph B. O'Connell, MD
Joseph B. O'Connell, MD
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Joseph B. O'Connell, MD

208 Post Rd W, Westport, CT, UNITED STATES,