Transforming Lives Through Plastic Surgery After A Dramatic Weight Loss

Transforming Lives Through Plastic Surgery after a Dramatic Weight Loss

ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Al Aly explains the process of undergoing surgery to remove extra loose skin after losing a significant amount of weight. “When one gains a lot of weight, there is an expansion of the skin and the fat, when they lose the weight they are left with loose skin.”

Dr. Aly describes the areas of the body that are addressed when removing extra skin. “One of the areas is around the middle of the body, we call that the lower trunk. We remove a tire of tissue from around the belly going all the way around to the back. Next is the upper body lift, which is from the bottom of the ribcage to the neck in combination with the arms. We reduce the arms, the excess back rolls, and we put the breasts back to their normal position. Lastly, we focus on the thighs. When people gain a lot of weight, they put a lot of fat down in the thighs and when they lose the weight, the fat just hangs there,” explains Dr. Aly.

There is usually a negative stigma and bad press around plastic surgery and how people perceive it. “This is one of those situations where we help people transform their lives. They’ve lost the weight and that is a life transformation, but it is only half way. What we do is get rid of that last part that reminds them of what they used to be,” notes Dr. Aly.

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