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  • The Corset Trunkplasty: A Novel Approach to Contouring Massive Weight Loss Patients

    The corset trunkplasty (corset body lift) is a body contouring surgical procedure that can remove excess skin in massive weight loss patients. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander P. Moya, describes the corset trunkplasty procedure as one of the procedures that can remove an average of 10 pounds of excess skin in a single stage.  

  • Transforming Lives Through Plastic Surgery After A Dramatic Weight Loss

    ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Al Aly explains the process of undergoing surgery to remove extra loose skin after losing a significant amount of weight. “When one gains a lot of weight, there is an expansion of the skin and the fat, when they lose the weight they are left with loose skin.” 

  • Plastic Surgery after a Massive Weight Loss Gave Me Back My Body

    After battling cancer, Sabrina gained a significant amount of weight from the medication she was taking. Through diet and exercise, Sabrina shed off the weight but was left with loose skin and wasn’t happy with the way her body looked.  

    “Dr. Kenneth Francis was referred to me by a friend and after visiting Smart Beauty Guide and learning that he was a board-certified plastic surgeon, I was confident in moving forward with the consultation,” explained Sabrina.