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  • Looking For a Fall Skin Care Regimen? Here’s The Best Approach

    As we start piling on layers in the fall, there is only so much we can cover. Our skin has gone through a lot this summer with the exposure to damaging UV light resulting in brown spots and a few wrinkles that weren’t there before. With the temperatures starting to drop, we are in for some dry and itchy skin - hence the need for an effective skincare regimen. 

  • The importance of utilizing a skincare professional

    Mark Pinsky, MD, is an ASAPS member and board-certified plastic surgeon from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Dr. Pinsky advises that the best place to find answers to your beauty needs is with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, because they understand skin health and skin aging. They are familiar with all the different modalities and how they’re to be used including where, when and how much. 

  • Chemical Peel Highlights My Face

    Carol Ann had a chemical peel around her mouth and eyes to eliminate some of the wrinkles and discoloration caused by age. During the consultation for the chemical peel the plastic surgeon explained all of the side effects of the procedure, but she says it was more involved than she thought it would be. The chemical peel left her face looking like it was burned for about a week. She kept her face moist with Vaseline. 

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