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  • How Fat Grafting has Revolutionized Facial Aging Treatments

    Fat grafting has revolutionized facial rejuvenation by providing a solution for filling areas of depression and volume loss in the face. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr.Tim Marten explains the three broad categories of facial aging and the best treatment approaches for the respective category.  

  • You Can Achieve Natural-Looking Facelift Results with This Technique

    Plastic surgeons have developed a fairly new technique for performing a facelift which focuses more on tightening the muscles below the skin as opposed to pulling the skin. The results look natural and subtle. Dr. Sherrell Aston, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York City explains how the modern facelift is performed. 

  • Anti-Aging Eye Treatment Approaches to Avoid From an Aesthetics and Functional Perspective

    Eyelid surgery was the third most popular procedure performed last year according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. New York based board-certified surgeon, Dr. Henry Spinelli explains how our eyes age and the treatment approaches to avoid from an aesthetics and functional standpoint.  

  • Restoring Definition To The Neck and Jawline with A Neck Lift

    A neck lift also known as platysmaplasty is the removal or tightening of neck muscles (platysma bands) to reduce sagging in the neck and jaw area. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell J. Aston, who is based in New York, explains neck rejuvenation treatment options noting that patients who are considering facelifts are in many cases also looking to correct the appearance of their slopping necks. 

  • My Eyelid Surgery Results: I Look Rested and Don’t Need Eye Creams for Puffiness

    Maryann attributed her tired look to her struggle going through menopause –it took a toll on her. She decided to treat herself by undergoing eyelid surgery. 

    “What bothered me was the puffiness underneath my eyes. I didn’t believe there was anything wrong with my upper eyelids,” notes Maryann. After consulting with her board-certified plastic surgeon he recommended an upper eyelid to open her eyes. 

    Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, eliminates any puffiness and bags under the lower lids and hooded skin on the upper lids.  

  • The Continuum of Beauty: After Nonsurgical Procedures, It Was Time for Me to Consider a Facelift

    Sarah maintained an active lifestyle through sports, fitness classes and keeping up with her grandchildren. Her reflection in the mirror told a different story –she felt younger than she looked, and wasn’t happy with what she saw in the mirror.  

    She consulted with her plastic surgeon who’d performed nonsurgical procedures on her in the past. “My doctor handed me a mirror and asked me to point out what areas were bothering me. This included my neck, jowls, the corner of my eyes, and even my nose was looking bigger,” explains Sarah. 

  • Bullhorn Lip Lift: An Alternative Procedure for Achieving Fuller Lips without Fillers

    As she got older, Sue noticed that her lips got thinner. She didn’t want to augment her lips with dermal fillers because she’d been discouraged by the results she’d seen on celebrities who had fillers injected into their lips. Her board-certified plastic surgeon recommended a ‘bullhorn lift’ as an alternative procedure to achieve fuller lips.  

  • How Fat Can Restore a Youthful Look to Your Eyes

    Years ago, the approach to restoring a youthful look to the eyes was to take away as much as possible, but this hallowed the upper eyelid giving patients a skeletal look; notes New York based plastic surgeon Oren Tepper, MD. 

    Today, most people are now approaching it with moderation making a nice skin excision to remove fat and building volume around the upper eye region.  

  • What is Asian Blepharoplasty?

    Asian blepharoplasty, also known as double eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure to create an upper eyelid with a fold. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Clyde Ishii attributes its rise in popularity among Asian women to western models. “The key with this operation is to make the patient look natural, and not overly westernized. If the surgeon has a clear understanding of what the patient wants, understands the anatomy, and how the operation is conducted, they can do a good job,” explains Dr. 

  • The Difference Between A Male and Female Rhinoplasty

    A rhinoplasty, also referred to as a nose job, is a surgical procedure to improve the appearance and/or correct a deformity of the nose. ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Larry Weinstein explains the difference between a male and female rhinoplasty, “For a male nose you want to have a straight angle and for a female nose you want to have it indented just slightly to feminize the nose, but not too much to the point of a ski slope or upturned nose.”  

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