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  • Lynn's Clothes Fit Better After Liposuction

    After deciding to have a tummy tuck, Lynn thought it best to have body contouring done at the same time. She chose this option to both minimize downtime from having two separate procedures, and to ensure that, once her stomach had been improved and was more taught, that her thighs matched. She talked with her doctor about making her look as natural as possible. 

  • Facelift: I Looked Like My Mother

    Carol Ann decided to have a facelift after catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror, and thinking for a second it was her mother's face she was seeing. During the facelift consultation Carol Ann's plastic surgeon asked her what she was looking for. She explained that she wanted to look the best she could for her age. Carol Ann's plastic surgeon said that he could not get rid of all of the lines around her eyes, but he could make her appear more rested. 

  • Patient Safety: How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

    You’ve decided on a plastic surgery procedure. You’ve talked to your close friends and family about it. Now, all you have to do is find a doctor. Sounds simple, but once you go online and search – you get confused. How do you find a qualified plastic surgeon and what are the right questions to ask during the consultation?  

    First, find out if they’re board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is recognized as the “gold standard” in physician certification. 

  • What Is Fat Grafting?

    According to J. Peter Rubin, MD, Chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Plastic Surgery, fat transfer is a minimally invasive technique in which fat is removed from what part of the body with liposuction methods, and the fat is processed to prepare it for grafting, and then the fat is injected into another part of the body. The advantages are that it uses your own body’s tissue instead of artificial implants or other synthetic materials. Additionally, it is a minimally invasive technique so the incisions where the fat is injected and collected are very small. 

  • Angela: Laser Hair Removal Works

    Due to her fair complexion, Angela found laser hair removal far more effective at getting rid of her dark hair than shaving or waxing. Shaving left the root of her hair visible on her skin and waxing was both painful and tedious. As more of her friends had success with laser hair removal, Angela thought it might be a good option for her. 

  • What is Stem Cell Therapy?

    According to J. Peter Rubin, MD, Chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Plastic Surgery, stem cells are small cells that live within the tissues of our bodies that serve a very important purpose. They are a supply pool of cells that can replenish and regenerate the tissue of the organ in which they live. Stem cells are capable of releasing healing growth factors that can participate in the healing process. 

  • Breast Surgery After Double Mastectomy

    For patient Lynn, she decided to have breast augmentation at 36 years old. 10 years later, she decided to do it again, but only a year and a half after that procedure, Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer. This led her to decide to return to her surgeon, with whom she had a great relationship, due to her two previous procedures, to perform a third. She decided to have a mastectomy with her oncologist, with her board certified plastic surgeon doing her reconstruction. 

  • Breast Augmentation Using Fat Transfer

    According to J. Peter Rubin, MD, Chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Plastic Surgery, fat transfer to the breast is a promising and evolving therapy. Fat transfer, also known as autologous fat grafting, does not have the same long term track record that breast augmentation with implants have, however using a person’s own fat to augment the breast holds many advantages. Fat transfer can be used to improve the appearance of a breast after augmentation, and in some cases, fat injections can be used instead of implants to fix breast asymmetry.  

  • What is Cellulite?

    Cellulite may be viewed as fat storage that allows women to carry pregnancies and breast feed; 90 percent of women have cellulite and the other 10 percent think they have it. While cellulite certainly isn't a serious or dangerous skin condition, those who have it may be self-conscious about the appearance of dimpled, puckered skin on areas such as the buttocks, thighs and hips. It is caused by an unevenness of the fatty tissue beneath the skin surface, according to the Mayo Clinic. 

  • How to Keep Hands Looking Young

    After years of cleaning, dishwashing or even sunbathing and driving, many women have developed a tell-tale sign of aging that isn’t on their face – it’s their hands.  

    In a recent issue of Good Housekeeping, a 52-year old reporter realized she needed hand rejuvenation to help her tired-looking, aging hands. So, over a six month period, she tried in-office and home treatments to target her problem areas: dry, red skin, age spots, loose, wrinkly skin and protruding veins. 

    Her advice? Keep hands moisturized. 

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