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  • Joanne: Fillers after My Facelift

    Joanne, a mother of three, had a facelift many years ago, and continues to utilize fillers as a way of keeping her skin looking fuller and tighter. To her, it is an essential part of her post-facelift regimen. She also believes that they are helpful for those not yet ready for a surgical facelift, but who instead need help restoring sunken-looking skin. 

  • Lynn's Life-Changing Tummy Tuck

    Lynn had never worn the clothes she really wanted to wear, as she felt that she had to hide parts of her body that she did not like. She was afraid to have a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty, due to the amount of downtime and the degree of work it entailed, but her board certified plastic surgeon put her at ease immediately. He showed her before and after photographs, thoroughly described the procedure, gave her care instructions for both pre- and post-surgery, and answered all of her questions, which gave her a strong level of comfort with the procedure. 

  • Nose Surgery for 15 Year-Old Allison

    15 year-old Allison explains why she decided, at her young age, to undergo nose surgery. Plastic surgeons usually recommend that patients wait until they are at least 14 or 15 before undergoing rhinoplasty, as the nose may not be fully developed yet. But for Allison, her reasons for wanting to improve the size and appearance of her nose were very compelling. 

  • Breast Implants after Pregnancy

    Megan decided to have a breast augmentation after breast feeding her child. After breast feeding her son for one year she was no longer confident enough to wear a bikini. She felt deflated and decided to have a breast augmentation. Megan had a 45 minute consultation with her plastic surgeon and decided to have silicone gel implants placed over the muscle.  

  • Lynn's Clothes Fit Better After Liposuction

    After deciding to have a tummy tuck, Lynn thought it best to have body contouring done at the same time. She chose this option to both minimize downtime from having two separate procedures, and to ensure that, once her stomach had been improved and was more taught, that her thighs matched. She talked with her doctor about making her look as natural as possible. 

  • Facelift: I Looked Like My Mother

    Carol Ann decided to have a facelift after catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror, and thinking for a second it was her mother's face she was seeing. During the facelift consultation Carol Ann's plastic surgeon asked her what she was looking for. She explained that she wanted to look the best she could for her age. Carol Ann's plastic surgeon said that he could not get rid of all of the lines around her eyes, but he could make her appear more rested. 

  • Patient Safety: How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon

    You’ve decided on a plastic surgery procedure. You’ve talked to your close friends and family about it. Now, all you have to do is find a doctor. Sounds simple, but once you go online and search – you get confused. How do you find a qualified plastic surgeon and what are the right questions to ask during the consultation?  

    First, find out if they’re board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, which is recognized as the “gold standard” in physician certification. 

  • What Is Fat Grafting?

    According to J. Peter Rubin, MD, Chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Plastic Surgery, fat transfer is a minimally invasive technique in which fat is removed from what part of the body with liposuction methods, and the fat is processed to prepare it for grafting, and then the fat is injected into another part of the body. The advantages are that it uses your own body’s tissue instead of artificial implants or other synthetic materials. Additionally, it is a minimally invasive technique so the incisions where the fat is injected and collected are very small. 

  • Angela: Laser Hair Removal Works

    Due to her fair complexion, Angela found laser hair removal far more effective at getting rid of her dark hair than shaving or waxing. Shaving left the root of her hair visible on her skin and waxing was both painful and tedious. As more of her friends had success with laser hair removal, Angela thought it might be a good option for her. 

  • What is Stem Cell Therapy?

    According to J. Peter Rubin, MD, Chair of the University of Pittsburgh’s Department of Plastic Surgery, stem cells are small cells that live within the tissues of our bodies that serve a very important purpose. They are a supply pool of cells that can replenish and regenerate the tissue of the organ in which they live. Stem cells are capable of releasing healing growth factors that can participate in the healing process. 

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