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  • Fighting Off Your Saddlebags: Advances in Noninvasive Body Contouring

    SAFELipo, an acronym for Separation, Aspiration and Fat Equalization, is a non-thermal body contouring procedure that removes pockets of body fat. Simeon Wall Jr., MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Shreveport, Louisiana explains SAFELipo is usually a circumferential procedure – which is to say all the way around the trunk. It is like a 360 degree shrink-wrap procedure that reduces the waist by several inches with permanent and visible results. 

  • Facts About Voluma the Liquid Facelift That’s Revolutionizing Anti-ageing Treatment

    Voluma is an injectable facial filler that is used for facial contouring. Most patients are treated in one single session. Arthur Swift, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Montreal, Canada, states that the product works so well allowing you to use the economy of product –meaning use a small amount of product were a little difference in anatomy makes a huge difference in appearance.  

  • Are You Considering A Body Contouring Procedure? Here’s Why You Should Go To A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

    Dr. Brian J. Reagan, based in Carlsbad, California explains the advantage of going to a board-certified plastic surgeon for a body contouring procedure. Plastic surgeons have experience evaluating the body based on extensive knowledge of skin and musculature, having performed procedures including tummy tucks, liposuction and noninvasive techniques among other aesthetic procedures. Their vast knowledge provides them with a complete understanding of what can be accomplished by the respective procedures and are in position to provide consumers with an in-depth consultation.  

  • Surprising Reasons Why You Should Consider Going Back to Your Original Surgeon for Revision Surgery

    Every surgeon has outcomes that are not ideal in certain cases explains Richard Baxter, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Mountlake Terrace, Washington. It doesn’t matter how exceptional or well- trained they are. There are just certain factors beyond our control once the surgery is completed - and everybody is going to experience those from time-to-time. It doesn’t necessarily mean your surgeon did something wrong. 

  • Here’s how to achieve the liposuction-type results you’ve always wanted without surgery

    Cool Sculpting is a revolutionary way to nonsurgicaly reduce fat using cold. Fat is very sensitive to cold and with the application of a certain temperature can minimize the fat all over the body. Cool sculpting took ten years of research and $80 million at Harvard to actually prove the technology. And now over the last five years, we’ve been able to first start cool sculpting around the abdomen and go all over the body to minimize one to four inches in a single nonsurgical treatment. 

  • The importance of utilizing a skincare professional

    Mark Pinsky, MD, is an ASAPS member and board-certified plastic surgeon from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Dr. Pinsky advises that the best place to find answers to your beauty needs is with a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, because they understand skin health and skin aging. They are familiar with all the different modalities and how they’re to be used including where, when and how much. 

  •  How immediate are the results of male breast reduction?

    Dr. Daniel Man, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Boca Raton, Florida talks about male breast reduction also known as Gynecomastia treatment for men with overly large breasts. Reduction methods include liposuction, cutting out excess glandular tissue or using a combination of liposuction and excision. 

    The results of a male breast reduction procedure can be seen on the operating table. Patients may have swelling for about a week to ten days and can resume normal activities like driving in a couple of days or going to the beach in a couple of weeks. 

  • Fat reduction and skin tightening with Venus Freeze

    Venus Freeze is a nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that can treat the face, neck and body. It combines radiofrequency technology with pulse magnetic fields to produce noninvasive skin tightening and fat reduction. Jennifer Walden, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Austin, TX explains the treatment options with this new noninvasive, hand-held medical device.  

  • Liposuction: Diet and Exercise-Resistant Fat

    Carol Ann had liposuction on both her abdomen and her thighs. She had a small pocket of fat around her abdomen that would not respond to healthy eating or exercise. She decided to have liposuction on her stomach, as well as her thighs. Carol Ann's plastic surgeon told her the liposuction on her stomach would leave her with a good result because her muscles were very tight. 

  • Can liposuction get rid of back rolls?

    Extra skin and fat on the back could lead to back rolls that can be treated in a multitude of ways. David M. Kahn, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon and ASAPS Member from Palo Alto, CA discusses the various treatment options in this video. 

    Whether liposuction alone will be enough to treat back rolls is dependent on the degree of the condition (how large the rolls are) and the quality of the skin.  

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