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  • Why My Friends Were Blown Away By My Mini Facelift

    Claudia consulted with her board-certified plastic surgeon about having her eyes done and he suggested she could benefit from a lower facelift.  

    She then decided to undergo a lower facelift. “As a skilled aesthetic plastic surgeon he looked at the whole picture and knew what could be accomplished,” Claudia explains. 

  • Benefits of Facial Fat Grafting: A Fuller Youthful Look

    Kimberly noticed fat pads gradually develop below her eyes as she aged. One of her patients commented, she looked tired –something she had also noticed. Kimberly tried a few treatments which produced temporary results.  

    She then consulted with a board-certified plastic surgeon. “When I went to see the doctor, I let him know what I wanted and asked him what he needed to do to do to help me achieve the desired look,” explains Kimberly. 

    Her plastic surgeon recommended a fat transfer from her neck to cheeks for a fuller youthful look.  

  • Tickle Lipo: A Fat Reduction and Body Sculpting Option

    Dr. Brian Reagan, board-certified plastic surgeon explains how anesthesia is used during Tickle Lipo, a body contouring procedure also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL) and Nutational Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL). 

    “Tickle Lipo does not require any intravenous medications. Patients will take either a Valium or Percocet prior to undergoing the procedure. The Tickle Lipo allows me to place the tumescent fluid with no pain easing the fat-removal process,” explains Dr. Reagan. 

  • Raising Eyebrows with Botox –A Noninvasive Brow lift Option

    Kristen decided to have Botox because from working in a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office, she’s seen how Botox helps raise low-set eye brows, brightening up a patient’s face in addition to reducing crow’s feet and other facial wrinkles. 

    Botulinum Toxin (Botox) is the most popular nonsurgical procedure in the United States. It relaxes and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive movements on the face.  

  • Chin Surgery Options for Men

    Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. David Kahn who is based in Palo Alto, California, explains the two options in chin surgery. 

    ”Depending on what you want to change, there are two options, if it is to increase the size of your chin, you can either cut the bone and advance it or you can add a chin implant,” explains Dr. Kahn. 

    Chin surgery or chin implants are designed to rejuvenate your facial contours and provide balance to your facial features. 

  • A Breast Reduction Improved My Posture and Numbed My Back Pain

    After bearing two children, Gina’s breasts increased in size causing pain to her neck, back and shoulders. The size of her breasts interrupted her level of physical activity; she started to feel insecure and uncomfortable. Through word-of-mouth and research, she found Dr. Tracy Pfeifer, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in New York, who recommended a breast reduction procedure. 

  • The Difference Between Hot and Cold Nonsurgical Fat Reduction Procedures

    Dr. Grant Stevens, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Marina Del Ray, California, explains the difference between hot and cold techniques for eliminating body fat. 

    “Fat is sensitive to heat, if you heat it up to 42 degrees or more, you can see some resolution in the fat. The problem is it is not as reproducible and tends to hurt,” notes Dr. Stevens. 

  • I Have a More Youthful Glow Thanks To Chemical Peels

    Sarah has been getting 2 to 3 chemical peels a year for about 8 years to help with freckling, fine lines and keeping the pores small. 

    Chemical peels are a popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure used to peel away the skin’s top layer, covered with dead skin cells, to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin.  

  • Why More Women Are Undergoing Labiaplasty

    Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that alters the labia minora by removing excess tissue; it has risen in popularity by 44% between 2012 and 2013 with more than 5000 procedures performed. 

    For certain women the labia can cause discomfort when wearing tight clothing or engaging in certain exercises. Dr. Christine Hamori, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Duxbury Massachusetts, performs 4 to 5 procedures a week. 

  • Botox Softened My Facial Lines and Wrinkles

    Maryann received Botox injections from a board-certified plastic surgeon to reduce her facial lines and wrinkles. Although, she didn’t think they were deep, she wanted to smooth out some of the wrinkles. 

    Botulinum toxin (Type A) is a cosmetic injection that blocks the nerve signals that cause muscles to contract. This effect relaxes and smooths the look of lines and wrinkles caused by repetitive movements on the face—most commonly, between the brows, crows-feet around the eyes, and horizontal forehead creases. 

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