New Year, new you: Undoing December’s damage

New Year, new you: Undoing December’s damage
New Year, new you: Undoing December’s damage

Oh, the weather outside is frightful (“Polar Vortex,” people), and the view from inside isn’t that great either. You’re probably taking stock of the damage that December’s holiday hammer has put on your person — namely a dehydrated and dull complexion, chapped flaky lips, and itchy dry skin. We here at Smart Beauty Guide aren’t going to be taking this New Year’s nonsense lying down… and we’re not going to let you either.

Winter weather’s low humidity, paired with dry, indoor heating can wreak havoc on your skin, stripping away the natural oils that protect and hydrate, resulting in dehydration, redness, itching and sensitivity. And once that’s done your poor dermis is even less likely to shield you from the cold weather. The answer lies in a little seasonally-geared TLC, starting at the beginning of your daily routine.

Bathing: Long, hot showers or baths are a prime opportunity for dehydration to rob your skin of its moisture barrier. No, we’re not saying don’t bathe (silly goose). What we are saying is to cool it on the temperature. A short, warm shower paired with a mild, low-sudsing body wash will do just fine removing the previous day’s grime without depleting your skin’s natural oils.

Soaps and cleansers: The same concept applies to your facial cleanser. Gentle formulas are simply more considerate of your chapped complexion’s needs. Look for ingredients like soothing chamomile, olive oil and shea butter for a result that leaves your skin makeup-residue free but also hydrated.

Moisturizers: This is the heaviest-hitter in your skin-saving arsenal throughout the year, but its importance, when winter wind and dry heat have already taxed your dermis, is vital. Richer formula body lotion containing glycerin is a great way to keep your skin hydrated during the year’s colder months. Lotions with itch-fighting and anti-inflammatory ingredients are also great for treating irritated skin and even eczema, but consult with your doctor first.

A “Polar Vortex” is no reason to let your beauty standards slide in 2014. So let’s embrace the New Year/New You spirit starting with skin. Happy New Year!

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