Winterize your beauty and skincare regimen

Winterize your beauty and skincare regimen
Winterize your beauty and skincare regimen

It’s cold. Really cold. “Polar Vortex” cold. Winter 2014 has packed a wallop when it comes to dipping temperatures, and despite your best efforts, your skin is likely showing it.

The turning of the seasons isn’t something to be sniffed at, as each spring, summer, fall, and winter comes with its own special brand of beauty pitfalls. From spring’s fight with unwanted hair, to summer’s punishing UV rays, your regimen is liable to change according to the calendar — which means that your products and procedures should too.

So let’s dive headlong into the present, namely February, and get to the sad reality that is dry skin. Cold winter air and indoor heating does a number on your complexion leaving it flaky, itchy, and downright drab. A recent article in Shape magazine recommends fighting back with an exfoliation, cleanser, and body lotion routine to help get you out of this rut.

Changing up your daily cleanser is a great way to kick a dull complexion to the curb, particularly if you switch it out with an oil-laden product that contains natural oils like jojoba, macadamia, and cottonseed. The lipids in these oils absorb very quickly without leaving a greasy residue and also help your parched visage hold onto the moisture that’s missing. This, and the regular use of a repairing moisturizing body lotion containing fatty acids and humectants to activate the proteins in the skin, will help strengthen your skin’s own lipid barrier locking in the hydration it so desperately needs.

Exfoliating will also help rid your complexion of those clingy dead cells while recharging the mitochondria inside the cell for an extra energy and anti-aging boost. The mag suggests that certain antioxidants like vitamin B, algae extract, and coenzyme Q10 can help accelerate the rate at which your cells turn over too.

Winter is also a great time to start prepping for spring/summer’s inevitable strip-tease. Scheduling procedures like sclerotherapy to deal with spider veins or microsuction to eradicate small fatty deposits around your knees or ankles are well timed in January, February, and March when your legs are likely covered during any downtime.

Other procedures well-timed for winter are any noninvasive fractional laser treatments, like those used in facial rejuvenation, fading dark spots and scars, and dealing with fine lines and wrinkles. Early in the year, when the sun is less intense, we’re likely to experience the least amount of UV exposure, and since having a tan, or getting burnt by the sun can lead to side effects from fractional lasers, like red, swollen skin, and can even counteract the effects of the laser treatment all together, the colder months are a great time to schedule an appointment.

You’ve winterized your wardrobes, your tires, even your windows — isn’t it time you winterized your skincare too? Winterization — it’s not just for windows anymore.

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