Target those stubborn dry skin areas!

Target those stubborn dry skin areas!
Target those stubborn dry skin areas!

Hey ladies, last week we looked at your overall winter skincare routine. This week, let’s focus on those cold weather problem areas — namely your eyes, lips, elbows, knees, and feet — where winter likes to set up a veritable flaky, dry skin factory.

Your eyes are a prime target simply due to the fact that the skin there contains fewer oil glands than the rest of the skin on your face, leaving it open to damage and… (dum-dum-DUM!)… wrinkles. Soothe and repair your gentle under eye skin by using a once-a-week moisturizing mask that contains hyaluronic acid, and don’t forget your daily appliqué of your favorite eye cream. Apply gently, the skin around your eyes is sensitive!

Chapped lips are another big winter “FAIL,” and often one that is difficult to conquer. The delicate skin on your lips lacks the hair follicles and oil glands that protect the rest of your dermis, making it easier for them to dry out when the weather turns chill. And licking, eating, drinking, and smiling doesn’t help — often leading to cracking, flaking and even bleeding. Look for lip balms with petroleum jelly or hyaluronic acid to help repair the damage, and stay away from waxy chapsticks that won’t provide the moisture necessary to healing the undersurface of the skin.

Moving south, it’s probably not lost on you that the skin on your elbows and knees is particularly dry and flaky… and heinous. A gentle scrub once a week paired with a generous slathering of a heavy-duty lotion or balm with antioxidant-rich shea butter and vitamin C on those particularly problematic areas should help eradicate that elephant skin look.

While you may keep your feet and toes sandal-worthy in the warmer months, the winter cocoon can lead to some unnecessary roughness (football metaphor – score!). Use a nice soak/scrub/moisture triumvirate on your poor tired, boot-enclosed winter feet to help keep them in tip-top shape. A recent article in Health magazine also suggests the lovely, relaxing solution of a once-a-week foot soak in warm water and Epson salts. Followed up with a foot scrub, massage, and rinse, a generous slathering of a shea butter moisturizer, and wrapping those tootsies up in your favorite cotton socks pre-bed should leave your feet baby-soft by the morning.

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