Think You Can’t Be Over 40 and Have Youthful Skin? Ulthera and Botox Say “YES YOU CAN”

Think You Can’t Be Over 40 and Have Youthful Skin? Ulthera and Botox Say “YES YOU CAN”
Think You Can’t Be Over 40 and Have Youthful Skin? Ulthera and Botox Say “YES YOU CAN”

As I recently thumbed through pictures of myself from three years ago, I noticed I was sporting a baby face coupled with a derriere one could set a table on. These old pictures reminded me of a great quote from an actress who said, "After a certain age, you have to choose between your fanny and your face," which perfectly sums up my current situation in life. At the ripe old age of 42, as a woman who has had a significant weight loss and thus no longer carts around a rear fit for a table setting, I’m feeling the veracity of this quote more than ever. It’s truly the irony of losing weight after a certain age; while you are thrilled at the prospect of shedding pounds you simultaneously mourn the loss of your youthful and taut baby fattened face. It feels as if choosing to be thin means accepting that you’ll also lose weight in your face and thus have to come to terms with losing that youthful fullness.

So what’s a gal to do? Can any of us truly have it all? Can we have a tight butt and a tight face? While staying out of the sun and away from cigarettes can help, there are also some nifty non-invasive cosmetic procedures that can keep our faces from appearing hollowed and saggy, which don’t necessitate any major surgery or downtime. In fact, Dr. Arthur Perry, a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) in the New York/ New Jersey area, shared a few of his favorite skin tightening and rejuvenating procedures – none of which require a scalpel.


The Ulthera technology is about six years old, and has been proven in many studies to work, notes Dr. Perry. He admits it is his favorite and most effective nonsurgical skin tightening procedure in 2016. “Ulthera uses high energy-focused ultrasound. It takes huge amounts of energy, turns it into sound we cannot hear, and then beams it under the skin where it actually burns a tiny area,” says Dr. Perry. “The body heals the burn by shrinking tissue and thickening skin. Both make you look better.”

That being said, when it comes to the effectiveness of Ulthera or ultrasound in treating sagging skin, Dr. Perry says there is certainly no comparison to the results one can attain with surgery. However, in 20% of Ulthera cases, patients have their eyebrows significantly lifted, jowls lifted and flattened, and neck and upper chest skin significantly smoothed. In about 70% of patients, there is a noticeable improvement, but not a “wow” factor. In about 10% of patients, it is hard to see any result at all. In those patients, a second treatment usually provides a noticeable improvement. Sometimes multiple treatments can be required. The best part is that there is no aftercare needed for Ulthera and its results last about two years.


While Lasers have become something of a staple in the field of cosmetic skin tightening procedures, Dr. Perry’s biggest issue with lasers is the five to seven-day recovery needed for “light lasering” and two weeks for the traditional lasering.

“Most people appreciate the results of lasers but very few people would do it again,” says Dr. Perry who adds having absolutely no down time for the ultrasound makes it the more desirable procedure. “But the truth is that the laser provides dramatic results in lessening wrinkles and so there is a still a place for the laser in addressing symptoms of aging.”

Botox and Neuromodulating Chemicals and Collagen Fillers

According to Dr. Perry there really is no age limit to Botox and dermal fillers. He has female patients in their 80s who still benefit from these injections with results that last about four months. Dr. Perry maintains that while Botox and fillers are ageless treatments for women who are looking to dip their faces into a fountain of youth, most will begin to undergo more traditional procedures like face and eyelid lifts somewhere in their mid-50s. He also notes that he no longer uses collagen but often uses hyaluronic acid fillers. Even though bruising is not likely after a Botox treatment, he recommends that women purchase opaque makeup (like Dermablend) in advance of filler procedures so that they do not have to hide after the procedures.

Of course in order to optimize any of these skin rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Perry advises that all women follow a good skincare program replete with vitamins C and A, and use exfoliants which prepare the skin for these procedures and improves their overall results.

In my opinion the best news Dr. Perry delivered is that I don’t need to pack on the pounds- all I need is some Ulthera or a shot of Botox to give me that fresh-faced, taut baby fat fabulous glow!
For more information on nonsurgical skin tightening procedures, visit the procedure page.

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